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The Lupus Site offers a great opportunity for advertisers wanting to reach a large, worldwide audience.

The Lupus Site attracts over 90,000 unique visitors each month, with over 400,000 page views a month.

90% of lupus sufferers and visitors to the Lupus Site are female.

The Lupus Site falls into the categories of 'Women' and 'Health', offering a wide scope of advertising opportunities.

The Lupus Site has been listed in The Lancet supplement, .net magazine, Lupus UK News & Views, amongst others.

For more information on advertising on the Lupus Site, email Joanne - [email protected]

Both CPM & CPC opportunities are available, with rates shown below. Adverts can be run-of-site or targeted to a specific section. We accept any ad size from 468x60 downwards.

CPM Advertising (Cost per thousand impressions) 468x60 banner
Contract Duration Minimum Impressions CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
1 month 5,000 $6 total-$30
3 months 15,000 $5 total-$75
6 months 30,000 $3 total-$90

Advertisers can purchase any number of impressions (above the minimum) on a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month contract.
For example, purchase 10,000 impressions on a 1 month contract, you pay - $70.
Purchase 90,000 impressions on a 6 month contract, you pay - $360.

The ad banner will stay on the site until the number of impressions has been served.

CPC Advertising (Cost per Click) 468x60 banner
Contract Duration Number of clicks CPC
1 month 500 $0.25 total-$125
3 months 1,500 $0.20 total-$300
6 months 3,000 $0.15 total-$450

The ad banner will remain on the site until the number of click-throughs have been achieved.





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