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Before emailing me please read the following-

Have you checked the pages on this site for the information you want?
Please do so, as you should find answers to most of your questions on here (see the lupus faq).
All of the information I have is here somewhere on this site. Please do not email me asking me to send you information, as I am unable to do so.

I get many emails from people listing their symptoms & asking me if I think they have lupus.  I have even had an email asking what lupus is!! I am not a doctor & cannot offer diagnoses. If you suspect that you may have lupus, see your own doctor or contact the Lupus Foundation of America or Lupus UK.

If you have any specific questions on symptoms, medications, etc. please post them to the lupus forum.

**PLEASE NOTE - I will NOT reply to any emails asking questions, asking for diagnosis help, or anything else. This email is only to be used for submitting material to the site, or technical problems.
I have been getting an increasing number of emails along these lines, and unfortunately do not have the time to reply to them. As well as having lupus & running this website, I also have my own business.
If you can't find what you are looking for on the site by browsing or using the search function, please go to our lupus message boards and post your questions there. Thank you.

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