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New Profile Posts

  1. Christine UK
    Christine UK Ann2
    Ann ! Hello
  2. Wolf Fighter
    Wolf Fighter
    Been offline for 5 years , but am so glad to be back online. Impressed by all the new forums and WOW I'm just so happy to be back .
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  3. LuLu99
    I am new to everything and lonely. I used to date and travel now I lay in bed and do nothing.
  4. Laura Rowe
    Laura Rowe
    I have allergic rash from plaquenil, and it is getting worse every day.
  5. Eddie dowling
    Eddie dowling
    My girlfriend has lupas
  6. Parciful
    Hi All, just wanting to say good evening. Looking forward to talking with you all.
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  7. Firemedic
    I try to stay in the shadows
  8. Sierra Mays
    Sierra Mays
    Diagnosed with SLE Lupus in December 2017.
  9. Janearle
    Hi all, I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus in June of 2015 at age 61. As I age I have many questions about DLE.
  10. Surferboy
    Brilliant. Thanks.
  11. lazylegs
    lazylegs Surferboy
    Part 3:
    as for email... can you ask him to add these emails to his contact list?

    [email protected] and [email protected]

    these are our mail relay emails, sometimes they can get blocked by mail servers.

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  12. lazylegs
    lazylegs Surferboy
    Part 2:
    an example of a good password is a series of number, letters, upper and lower case and symbols included.

    [email protected]!

    It doesn't have to be that long but the recommended length is between 8-16 characters
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  13. lazylegs
    lazylegs Surferboy
    The Administrator got back to me about your latest query. Here was her latest response:

    "okay. So the website not secure is a HTTPS warning. We're working on getting SSL/HTTPS certificates on all our sites.
    If he has a good password on his account and not a one word password, he should be good.
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  14. Lynette Kay
    Lynette Kay
    Please I need help with another drug other than prednisone, has anybody had any success with something that is a none steroid
  15. Lynette Kay
    Lynette Kay
    I joined the forum to ask some questions about medications,
  16. Lynette Kay
    Lynette Kay
    Hi I’m new to the forum,
  17. christianirc
    christianirc loopie017
    I know nothing about MJ or CBD. Medis legal in my state but my doc doesn't like it. Can you point me where to get something that doesn't make you high (I think that's the thc?) There is so much out there I have no idea where to start. I'd rather not smoke or vape because I have bad lungs. Anything you could recommend would be appreciated. Also does it show up in urine as I take pain pills and my doc drug tests.
  18. Linnie s
    Linnie s
    Hi everyone I'm Linnie s
  19. Holz
    Hi everyone sorry not been active in a while. I've been really sick and still sore and sick
  20. lazylegs
    lazylegs KB2014
    Hi KB2014,

    The post has been deleted as you requested.

    Take care,