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A resource for UK Residents

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Clare.T, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Thank you Joanne for setting up this new forum section. :flowers:

    It will certainly be an invaluable resource for all those who live with lupus in the UK enabling us to benefit to the maximum from what is available and find our way through the jungle of social health and disability legislation by sharing information and experiences.

    A list of abbreviations would be useful. Please post your suggestions : I will incorporate them alphabetically into the list. ( Also please correct any mistakes made)

    A A .......... Attendance Allowance

    CA ......Carers Allowance
    CAA ......Constant Attendance Allowance
    CAB ..... Citizens Advice Bureau

    DDA .... .Disability Discrimination Act
    DLA ..... Disability Living Allowance
    DPTC .... Disabled Peoples Tax Credits
    DWP .......Department of Work and Pensions

    IB ........ Incapacity Benefit

    SSP ....... Statutory Sick Pay

    Thanks Dawn for the contributions :)

    Wishing All Well

  2. KitKat

    KitKat Registered

    Hi Clare

    I would add...

    ESA - Employment Support Allowance (The new IB)
    JSA- Job Seekers Allowance
    PIP - Personal Independence Payment (This is the Benefit that the government are proposing to replace DLA)
    PA- Personal Assistant (The carer you employ when you have applied to the local council for a Direct Payment)

    Hope they are helpful

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