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Access to Work

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Bern2, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Bern2

    Bern2 Guest

  2. venus71

    venus71 Guest

    Hi all
    These are useful links.. I work part time as a careers advisor for adults and althougth the government has lovely policies in place it can still be quite a problem when dealing with employers etc. IT seems you are not only battling your body you are battling the world at the same time. It is almost like you have an illness that means you must be of high earnings to be able to be comfortable.
  3. alimonkey

    alimonkey Registered

    I'm just going through Access to Work application - after an occupational physiotherapist came to see me they've recommended the purchase of a really nice posh chair (I have one on loan, it's fabulous) and I've got this special software that chants break times out to me, tells me to get up and stretch and actually physically stops me from working for 5 minutes every hour :rotfl: Also recommended a special keyboard for my computer and screen reader software to read papers out to me. Also got to have a naff headset, as I work in IT and often have to provide telephone support so I can use the computer and talk on me headset.

    All really positive stuff, should help me a great deal. I'm still really exhausted at the end of the day, but my partner cooks and cleans and I don't have any kids to worry about. It works for us, just, if my medication doesn't significantly change my condition in the next few months then I may have to consider reducing my hours.
  4. Trindy

    Trindy Registered

    That's really interesting that all that equipment is available. My job also involves helping people at work so its useful for me and my illness and also for others I come into contact with. Its good to be able to help others as well as yourself!
  5. Carly

    Carly Guest

    The interview


    I was a supervisor for ten years and did not know some of the rights when you apply and when you are being interviewed. For example - employers are not allowed to ask a potential new hire if they have ever been hurt at work and have they ever had a Workers' Compensation claim.

    I saw that question on quite a few job applications.

    The only thing is, the majority of the applicant's that refuse to fill out that question (as is their right) they will not get an interview. If they say no but they did, if and when the company finds out, they will start "the paper trail"

    I have brochures at work with more Workers' Rights, would anyone be interested in the material? If so, I can send it here or mail it if you prefer.

    It is good to know there are other advocates out there that understand the difficulties of maintaining a suitable job.

  6. Justlooking

    Justlooking Registered

  7. Polly.coggs

    Polly.coggs Registered


    I get taxis to and from work off Access to work because I can't walk far with out pain or use public transport. It Was Occupational Therapy who told me about it and also said they could come into work and see if there is anyway they can help to make my job more comfortable.

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