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acupuncture and chinese medicine

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by mark176, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. mark176

    mark176 Active Member


    I have waited a while till I posted this. Around the start of August I finally got fed up with the problems. I was only on antimalarials and didnt wish to progress to the stronger meds. So, when it got to the point that drinking water made me come over in a fever I decided to get something done. I went to see a chinese doctor and he made some changes.

    Before I go any further I must say that the treatment I received was specific to my particular case and I cannot say if it would benefit you. However, I am happy to share the information that he gave me.

    1. First thing he changed my diet around. Reduction of spicy food, caffeine, wheat, sugar, beef, lamb, farmed fish, processsed food, raw food, alcohol and dairy.
    He told me to eat lots of vegetables, black beans. Make sure food is cooked preferably by steaming or stir fry. Also to include chinese yams, blackberries and black beans in my diet.
    Every meal to be cooked from fresh, no microwaving. Avoid oven baked food or any dry cooking of food.
    For protein eat chicken, pork, tofy or soy.
    For milk have soy milk, home made

    Within 24 hours of adopting his diet 80% of my problems disappeared. I tried to sneak back to my westernised ways and problems recurred.

    2. He started acupuncture, currently having 2 sessiions per week. This took at least 12 sessions before it started to have an effect. However, it is very good at rebalancing the body. IT is a dynamic treatment that can be altered to fine tune things. Regarding pain, each needle hurts less than a mosquito bite. You get minor bruising from it. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.

    3. He started me on chinese herbs. The chinese herbs are changed on a weekly basis. This is to stop them causing side effects. Again they take a while to work.

    Results after 2 months
    98% improvement in symptoms
    Totally resolved the raynaulds problems, hands are now constantly warm!
    hard skin on finger that had been there one year has disappeared.
    Wart on hand that has been there 20 years has become smaller
    The hair on the top of my head that disappeared has started to regrow

    I cannot advise you whether to take this kind of treatment or not. You should discuss it with your rheumatologist first. Mine was very supportive when I spoke to him yesterday.
    As a result I am now going to try to reduce the western medication. I am taking one of the mepacrine tablets out a week. If everything is ok in two months I will stop the other mepacrine tablet. Then I will review the plaquenil in January with my rheumatologist.

    The biggest problem with this route is cost. I have had to pay for this myself and its not cheap. With time I am hoping that a weekly acupuncture session will be sufficient to control the problem. If anyone has any thoughts on what I have put above I would love to hear them.

    Kind regards
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  2. mark176

    mark176 Active Member

    Yesterday I went to see my rheumatologist. I am no longer on any medication for my condition. I am still on blood pressure medication. However, the acupuncturist has now started working on that so that will probably change in a few months.

    After I posted the above thread I reduced the mepacrine from 2 pills per week down to 1. There was a kickback effect. However, the acupuncturist squashed the problems as they occurred. I also increased the number of acupuncture sessions to 4-5 a week. Then at end of October I came off of the other mepacrine tablet leaving me with just the hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil). As of two weeks ago I reduced hydroxychloroquine to half a tablet a day and then one week ago I completely stopped it. Currently having 3 acupuncture sessions per week. Will reduce that back to 2 from next week.

    My rheumatologist is very happy with my progress. Just waiting now for the yellow in my skin to completely go from mepacrine!

    I have less problems now than when I was on western medicine.

    My hair regrowth has also increased. This has all been achieved through diet, lifestyle, chinese herbs and acupuncture. Diet is really essential to bring the body back to harmony and balance.

    The chinese doctor expects me to be on herbs for a few more months. Then I can stop those too and use just acupuncture probably on a maintenance dose of 1 session per week.

    Kind regards
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  3. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Mark it is great to hear you have found an avenue that works for you. Did insurance cover any of the acupuncture or is it all out of pocket?

    Take care,
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  4. mark176

    mark176 Active Member


    Thanks, I had to cover the whole cost unfortunately and still am. The freedom from the pills though is a great thing!
    Hoping now try to work on rebuilding my exercise routine.
    Kind regards
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  5. mark176

    mark176 Active Member

    Just an update to this thread. I am no longer taking chinese herbs and just have acupuncture once per week. Rheumy recently took bloods and liver and kidney function appears normal after 5 months of chinese herbs. He is happy with my progress and is considering discharging me in 6 months as I am no longer taking western medicine.

    I have recently tried a kinesiologist who has helped further to solve some of the remaining problems that acupuncture couldn't solve. I kept getting pain under arm pits where lymph nodes were. The kinesiologist suggested that aluminium toxicity was the problem which stemmed from deodorants. Since stopping aluminium based deodorants on Tuesday it seems to have improved. Non aluminium deodorants can be bought online from somewhere like Amazon. They are not that much different in price to normal deodorant. I was also advised not to cook with aluminium foil and use greaseproof paper instead. Also, I noticed that quite a few of the tinned/canned foods now are made from aluminium. So now I avoid canned foods!

    Again the reason for posting above is to help others who may have similar problems. If any of the above helps anyone it is a bonus.

    Still waiting for the mepacrine to leave my skin!

    Kind regards
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  6. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Hi pleased to hear of your progress :0) Just to say I also can't tolerate any normal deodorant and was one of the first signs for me years before my diagnosis. I use one free from all nasties, from space nk by Malin and Goetz. It isn't cheap at 18 quid for the block of deodorant but lasts a long time and is very effective, absolutely love it. My skin is quite sensitive as well so no reaction is a good thing.
    Rarely use cans as cook from fresh daily, but will replace the chopped tomatoes etc in my cupboard with the cardboard versions if I can find them... I know they do Kidney beans like that etc.

    I hope you continue to do well, it is lovely to get off the meds in a healthy way, long may it last ......yay .....Claire.
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