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advice needed re sickness benefit

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by alexbelfast, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. alexbelfast

    alexbelfast Registered

    since being diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago i have been getting sickness benefit or incapacity benefit
    and in june this year they took me off it so from end of june this year i ha ve got no money at all. i was called in to
    se a medical dr who asked me about the illness but also said she was not a specialist in that area. she asked me questions and i answered her honestly. so as i can bend down and touch my toes she said i was fit enought to work. so i have got not a peny in the last 6 months. now this wed i have been called into a meeting about if i can challenge themabout the benefitabout it i am looking for some advice as to what to do. during getting the benefit i did some work and they know all aobut it i am a driving instructor or usualy i did oneor two lessons a week
    which i told them about and every 4 weeks wrote to them about the amount of work i had done and they where happy with this. in the last two years there have beenreally sick periodsfor me andi could not work at all so in total i have earned 1200 in 2 years not a lot i know but i thought by doingsomething well that would be also good for me. so has anyoneelse been thorough this if so what should i tell them onwed to help my case thanks for any help u can offer me
  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi Alex,

    I don't really know how things work over there but here I find that getting my rheumy (as in undisputed specialist of the disease) to write a report about "how things really are" carries a lot of weight. I usually get her to write one a year whether I've been asked for one or not then I always have one that's roughly up to date. Obviously it might be a bit short notice to get that report (I fax in a request when I need one fast) but at the very least write down exactly how it affects daily life... like suffer from heavy fatigue daily, find standing for long periods (in my case more than 15 minutes) hard, find driving hard because of x, y, z, can't do housework/cook... you get the idea - my rheumy literally put all that in as well as a lot of technical stuff like the neuro problems, arthralgia, the meds I'm on etc.

    Sorry I can't help more :hug:

  3. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    I am of no help being in the USA but hopefully others will come along with more advice for you.
    I will ring you soon.
    Good luck. xx oo
  4. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    Hi Alex,

    I have no experience of appeals but am surprised that after they took you off incapacity you receive no money at all, shouldn't they have put you on jobseekers or income support pending your appeal? It's also just occurred to me that if you were a driving instructor, perhaps you were working on a self-employed basis; I do know that the DWP has less to offer the self-employed. Sorry I can't be any more help and hope it gets sorted soon, it must be quite stressful.
  5. cally

    cally Registered


    Have you been to your GP for help? That might be a good option for you. I am surprised as well that your funds were cut off completely without you being put on JSA but possibly they were resuming you would return to driving?

    Have you been to your local advice centre? or disability place? Sorry the name slips my mind at the moment. They might be able to sit down with you, tell you what you are entitled to and point you in the right direction.

  6. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Have you tried the citizens advice bureau? In uk we have a disability organisation called D.I.A.L which helps with problems like these. You could contact them to see if they cover Ireland or know who does. Your local MP can help as well. Your local library may know of local organisations that can help. Some organisations like DIAL help represent you and fill in paperwork for you.

    I hope you get things sorted, it must be very worrying.

    Take care
  7. alexbelfast

    alexbelfast Registered

    hi thanks for the advice
    i told my dr that they took me of the sickness benefit and asked him to write me a letter giving details of lupus and how it effects me.
    he said things have changed now and it would not do any good even with the letter. so did not write me one.
    as for job sseekers i was told if i claimed that then they would never hear my case and that ment if i claim i am "big dr" back in june is was not na flare but boy i am in one now
    and i am ready to kill dead things lol. i am not intitled to income support because i have saving and was told to spend my saving then come back and claim ****** stupit peole i worked very hard for 20 eyars and was saving for my
    old age oh boy what i fool i was i did not know i was going to ever get this sick and not be able to function properly again. sorry i might sound crazy right now i am in a bad flare.
    so what next do i do
    alex x
  8. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    I can only wish you luck.
    Let is know how you make out.
  9. alexbelfast

    alexbelfast Registered

    hi everyone thanks for the advice u gave me rethe sickness bernefit i want to the meeting yesterday and guess what
    they granted it back to me. i could not believe it and i still cant. they believed that lupus was just a physical problem and when i explained
    how it effects me on daily basis they seamed to understand. they kept grilling me for about 45 mins and i dontbelieve i could go through it again i was totally exhausted to top it off i
    workup with bad chest infrection and also tonsillitis all that on top of a flare but at least now can get some money. does anyone know if i get payed back to when they took me off it or do i just start again
    i ahve to say a very big thankyou to my very good friend karol h she was such a star getting me ready for the meeting and understanding thanks friend.
  10. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    Hi Alex, so pleased to hear your good news. Afraid I don't know the answer to your question, but I would have thought they should do the decent thing and pay you the money for the period you've been without. After all, it was their fault and they appear to have admitted it. Maybe you should have a word with your local benefits office on Monday and just ask whether they are going to reimburse you, if you don't get an answer then it might be a good idea to contact the citizens advice office to see whether they can help. It must be a great weight off your mind, now you can relax a bit more over Christmas. :)
  11. luci

    luci Registered

    Hi Alex
    I am so glad you received your benifits back im sure the stress didnt help with your flair. I dont no about the benifits and back pay. Luci
  12. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Hi Alex,

    Great news! Really pleased for you. x
  13. Em1

    Em1 Registered

    Hi Alex
    I am glad you have had your benefit re-instated. I think as long as your benefit was only suspended pending this investigation they should re-instate from the date they originally suspended your claim.
    If you claim was actually cancelled, than this may not be the case. You will have a right of appeal if this happens though. PM me if this happens and you need help...
  14. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    So very happy for you. :)
  15. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    hi alex,
    I have also had the same problem with sickness benefit, is now called E.S.A. (employment support allowance).

    The dss doctor i went to see, never even looked up from her papers.
    On the question, is the patient pregnant, she put patient is male.... mmm that after i bore 3 sons, it be a first.

    Tomorrow i have an appeal, and on my side i have a solicitor from a free organisation called Welfare Rights, they have fought my corner for months now, chased up all my medical records, and will be with me during the appeal.

    I will let you know how i get on afterwards, wish me luck.

    P.S. Am so pleased yours has been reinstated.
  16. emma1

    emma1 Registered

    Liveseymum good luck for tomorrow. xxxx
  17. emma1

    emma1 Registered

    Hi Liveseymum

    How did you get on? x
  18. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    What a dreadful day, snowing, so couldnt touch anything (raynauds).... then when got there i was grilled to the point of tears. Came home and slept the afternoon. I was told i will hear if successfull or not come tues/ weds.

    The funny thing is, my solicitor said on way out he thinks we lost the case cos am worse now than b4, and will probably have to re-apply.

    I will let u know when i get the letter.
    Tracy XXX
  19. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    That's great news Alex, I'm so glad they granted it again :) I think that in such cases you do get back pay but again I'm not the best placed to answer that.

    Liveseymum I hope it works out for you :fingers:

  20. emma1

    emma1 Registered

    I do hope you have the outcome you need. Bless ya thinking of you please let un know as soon as you here. xxxx
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