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advice needed re sickness benefit

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by alexbelfast, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    I have just opened the letter, tears down my face..... oh what a relief, I WON.

    Now i hope i can concentrate on being as well as i can, without this hanging over my head.

    Thankyou for the support i have recieved on the board, but i definately say to anyone going through the process to please get free professional advice from either, welfare rights, or citizens advice.

    Tracy xxx
  2. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Brilliant news Tracy! So pleased for you. :)
  3. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    That's wonderful news, and what a great start to the new year - hope your luck continues...!

  4. emma1

    emma1 Registered

    Oh well done I am so so pleased for you. xxx
  5. davidft

    davidft davidft

    hi alex, try asking your docter to sign you off and claim employment support allowance. i had a **** of a time with them. david
  6. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    Hi David
    I am on employment support allowance, but still dont u need a med form from doc? i know i do.
    Its just the new name for incapacity benefit.
  7. Fiona30ni

    Fiona30ni Registered

    I am on Employement and support allowance and only had to send med forms for the assessment period (around 13 wks) Had a medical and have not had to send any further medicals.
  8. jetster

    jetster Registered Users

    Sorry for the late reply but YIPPIE for you!:excited: You certainly deserve it. I am very happy for you Tracy.


  9. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    I don't believe this is happening again..... I recieved a letter from DWP to fill out a form, says i will have to go for another medical. Last 1 was sooooo far away, i don't drive???? the cold weather is coming, and i know using public transport will hurt like crazy, the raynauds is bad now it will get worse in the next few weeks as winter draws in. I just know they gonna try taking me off ESA again, i will fight them all the way again.
    my question is, does anyone know if i can refuse to go so far for the medical? Can my own doctor do the same medical? or consultant?
  10. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    I am unsure on this. I would either contact them and say you had a medical before or speak to Citizens Advice or similar. You need to know what your rights are.
  11. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Oh Tracy, I am so sorry to hear this, I remember how happy and relieved you were when you got the decision in your favour. I have now started my ESA journey....I am sure they deliberately make it hard to claim to put people off. The forms have been a nightmare so far! I am in the 13 week assessment period at the moment waiting to hear where and when I will have to go for my medical. Call them and ask for am explanation, this really doesn't seem fair to me. If it really is necessary to have another medical then ask if maybe they could come to you, I know they did for me when I had my DLA medical.

    Can anyone tell me if I will get more money after the medical & if so, how much does it go up by?

    My GP told me to be very careful how I word things at the medical as it's not even a proper medical, just someone asking questions and ticking boxes. :(
  12. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    NO!!! DONT REFUSE TO GO. If you do it will be able for them to stop any payments immediately.

    They should, in addition to their "medical" and I put that in parenthesis pointedly, as it is NOT a medical but a mechanism to trip you up,... be asking your Consultant and GP about you. But I dont know if they do that, or if they simply gain access to your med notes and put their own interpretaion on how they want to read things.

    ESA is about a point scoring system; get enough points and you should get ESA. To do that you must be honest, but dont be noble. Put in detail as much as you can on the form,...and if you can, get some support to substantiate your illnesses.

    I have been through the system twice (once re-assessed). The first time was horendous. The time it took, the stupidity of the 'medical', and then the professional incompetence of the 'doctor'. I was told that Pulmonary Fibrosis was curable within 3 months; a whole shed full of other issues where overlooked or belittled, and some of their statements were false. I went to Appeal -with support, won, but it took 12 months, and my health suffered in that time.
    I pushed for them to identify the doctor, as I wanted to report them to the GMC for professional misconduct,.......... but they never gave me the name. These things get 'lost' in administration and book-passing.

    Within 12 months I was re-assessed, and I am sure that I will be again, and again.

    One cannot refuse to obey their commands. If you have real problems about travelling then it is possible for them to come to you. get medical support and dont hold back on the form about what you can/cannot do. Consider what life is like for you on thos bad days.

    As for different rates; I thought that there were only 2 rates of ESA depending upon the severity of your disability; what I dont understand is that they can also put you into two (or three) different groups, where technically in the 'lower' grouping, you still have to attend interviews at the Job Centre, even though they can see its patently obvious you cannot work. However, with DLA there is technically 3 mobility payment ranges, and 3 care ranges.
    Of course the stupidity of this system is that the DWP carry out both assessments, but separately from one another, and with different implications.
    Its 'jobs for the boys' ATOS must be cleaning up millions to do this work.
  13. xxtracyxx

    xxtracyxx Registered

    hi alex i would like to know what you did to get sickness benifits first time. Just found out i have it i work part time but having no luck asking about getting help or benifits mine is butterfly rash but i think i might have sle. Any advice were to go job centre etc i work in a nursing home. not the best job to have when your sick. no money to live off.
  14. drkebab

    drkebab Registered

    Your money should be back dated to the time they took it off you:)
  15. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    New year, new medical... they dragged me all way to burnley (approx 25 miles). in the cold, (i have raynauds) as well as joints and all the loopy things to deal with.... i dont drive.
    I just knew they would wait til winter months to do this again. And just because i could manage most the things they asked me to do on the day, i just know i will have to go to appeal again.
    Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many times they can put people through this very stressful, cold emotional process?
    Again i will be getting in touch with welfare rights, surely all these hearings/ medicals etc cost more for DWP. Do they think we all lie? I wish they could spend a few days in my shoes.
  16. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    liveseymum, sorry to hear about this lastest stress ...perhaps you can update us with a thread of your own when you have a new update though as this one is old and is actually someone else's :)...we will be waiting to hear more new's from you!
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