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Discussion in 'Tests and Procedures' started by Mmouse, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. Mmouse

    Mmouse Member

    What is the difference between ANA and ENA?

    I have had ANA test results of 1:128, 1:320, and 1:80 while On medication. I barely had symptoms when I tested the highest and not on medication. Since I’ve been medicated I can’t get rid of symptoms.

    my diagnoses is now UCTD Because of all the symptoms , with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid. I just had thyroid removed along with three parathyroid. And now looks like my adrenal gland has a tumor since my blood pressure is off the charts at 153/101 and 177/109, horrible headaches, heart palpitations, and flushing.

    what gives? What can I do? Anyone with any advice or suggestions please advise. I do research and advocate for myself but would like info on meds that can help all. I also have restrictive lung disease.

  2. Mmouse

    Mmouse Member

    I meant to add positive ENA also to go with positive ANA titers, speckled pattern.
    I forgot to include that on last message.

  3. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator


    The ANA looks at the antibodies and they can show it is possible something autoimmune is going on. The pattern shown in your case is speckled. It would usually be seen in a few different diseases, Lupus being one of them. Since many diseases share similar symptoms the doctor may needs to look further. The ENA can help the doctor narrow down further what autoimmune disease it might be. Say an Anti-Scl 70 shows up, the doctor would be looking more towards Scleroderma because it is more prevalent in that disease. Unfortunately even some of these tests are seen in more than one disease, but combined with your symptoms the doctor will lean one way or the other for a diagnosis.

    Your diagnosis is UCTD. It would normally mean something is going on but no one disease is defined clearly enough to make a sure diagnosis. You may have symptoms of several diseases but not enough of any one to meet the specific criteria for a diagnosis. In time one usually comes to the forefront.

    Take care,
  4. pagespark

    pagespark New Member

    Usually done as a follow-up to a positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test and one is showing symptoms of an autoimmune disorder. The ANA tests for the presence or absence of autoantibodies, while the ENA panel evaluates which proteins in the cell nucleus the autoantibodies recognize.

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