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any advice please

Discussion in 'Not Diagnosed Yet?' started by Nydia, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Nydia

    Nydia New Member

    I am a 35 year old mother of 3. I had tested positive on my Ana test. I have been having crazy symptoms so I thought I was starting menopause since I had a partial hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. They tested my hormones and they are fine. I'm not menopausal but I got positive ana. I had started with severe hot flashes all day and soaking night sweats, joint pain, joint stiffness, muscle aches, headache, forgetting everything, heart palpation, body tremors, Nausea, white part of my eye swelled out, extreme fatigue ( like I gained 500lbs), on and off swelling in my calves and ankles and feet. I'm scared since my kids are telling me I'm keep asking them questions that I'm forgetting within minutes. Is it lupus??j
  2. omen

    omen FKA Clare.T

    It's impossible to say since a low positive ANA can be found in many illnesses as well as in healthy people. If the titre was high that would definitely suggest autoimmune connective tissue disease and many other tests would need to be done. See your doctor for further testing or to get a referral.
    Make a health history leaving nothing out, including ob/gyny and a health history of close blood relatives. You can always say a friend suggested investigations for 'lupus or something like that', but anyway you want to get to the bottom of this so you have a better quality of life.
    Good luck!
  3. Nydia

    Nydia New Member

    Thank you Clare for your response. My titer was 1:40 with positive IFA pattern of homogeneous. I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor. Its definitely just Worrisome for me. Do you know what this might mean?
  4. mark176

    mark176 Active Member


    Many of the symptoms I can relate to and I have some kind of connective tissue disease (lupus derivative).

    A couple of pointers with regard to the swelling i would suggest you get a urine sample checked for white blood cells and protein.

    The eye swelling I would suggest seeing an eye doctor to check for dry eyes which could be blepharitis. My eye swelled up badly once. 400mg of ibuprofen helped to reduce the swelling .

    The problem is most lupus type diseases have non specific symptoms.

    If they do start you on medication which is normally hydroxychloroquine you will need to get some baseline tests on eyes done.

    I had virtually all of the symptoms you described, but after 3-6 months of the above drug those symptoms went.

    I am no doctor and don't pretend to be, but your list of symptoms does suspiciously suggest autoimmune of some kind. You may need to get other diseases ruled out with your doctor such as TB, Lyme , Hep B, HIV as all of these are chronic infections that can cause similar weird problems.

    Kind regards

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