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Any good pork chop recipes?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tbunny1, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. tbunny1

    tbunny1 Registered

    I purchased a huge pork loin on sale, and am now trying to figure out just what all I am going to do with it! We must have over 20 pork chops, with just the two of us in the house. There are just so many times you can do shake n' bake or dump a can of soup on them.

    I'm going to have to get creative here! I am tired of the same old pork chop recip es, and was hoping some of you would share your favorite ones! :eat:
  2. eagle55

    eagle55 Registered

    poork chops

    hi bunny1. this is a easy one,can of baked beans add onion, brown sugaar what ever you want in a baking dish anthen put the chops on top cover with foil and bake slow 350. the chops get real tender. i have a few more but i got to look them up. be back later
  3. Joandublin

    Joandublin Registered

  4. sam101360

    sam101360 Registered

    Very Easy one here...

    Take chops salt nd pepper both sides.
    In Heavy skillet on medium high heat brown pork chops on both sides (4/5 mins each side)
    Transfer to oven safe pan and bake in oven at 300 degrees for 20 mins.
    While chops are cooking
    Slice one large onion (yellow, white, vidalia)
    1 tablespoon oil in the pan on medium heat
    Sautee the onions in the pan you browned the chops in (not brown but soft)
    Add 1 tablespoon of sugar to the onions.
    When Onions are soft.
    Add 1 cup apple cider (unfiltered apple juice works too)
    Add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
    bring to boil and allow to cook down to thick syrup.

    Plate the porkchops and put the apple/onion on top.

    Good with mashies, mac-n-cheese, or biscuts.


    takes 25 minutes from start to finish.
  5. goats

    goats Registered

    an easy one I used to make

    put pork chops in a frying pan with high sides
    add corn, green pepper. onions, celery
    worchershie sauce, ketchup
    onion and garlic power
    set to medium and let cook
    makes a nice sauce and great porkchops
  6. Jenkay

    Jenkay Jen

    Very quick and easy, my family loves these...

    Use thinly sliced chops if possible

    On each side salt and pepper then sprinkle with a good amount of cinnamon and paprika, this may sound strange but it is awesome.

    Cook the chops in a skillet 4-6 minutes on each side or more if thicker.

    That's it. We love them.
  7. tbunny1

    tbunny1 Registered

    Wow - how could I not pig out with out all these yummy ideas! I will just have to draw staws to see which one I try first! Thanks!
  8. Taree

    Taree Guest

    I now have the over-whelming need to have pork chops for dinner tonight! My only dillema: which recipe to use first!!! :)

    X T X
  9. deberin

    deberin Guest

    if it is a tenderlion, cook it in a bag after seasoning to your taste, they even sell bags with seasoning in them.

    if we are talking chops bake with sour Kraut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! delicious!
  10. marymackay

    marymackay Registered

    pork recipes yum

    Thanks for those who gave the websites for porkchop recipes. They looked very inviting, so when the supermarket at some for just over $3 a kg,:lol: I bought some, they were huge, and had to buy 3 kg.

    They sat in the freezer for a while - 4 individually wrapped chops, so decided :) yesterday it was time to cook one- just for me. So I wellbrowned the chop in a pan, while I was cooking the 5 Tspn of rice, big slice of pumpkin, small potato, onion, dash of garlic all covered in water for some time (forgot peas) in a saucepan.

    With chop very brown, and vegies soft, I mixed plain flour and curry and milk, and put all together- from saucepan into pan- just fitted, and cooked all to a thick consistency. I enjoyed it, :rotfl: and still have much of the chop and the rest to enjoy later.

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