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Atopic dermatitis/ eczema?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by Laranne, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Laranne

    Laranne New Member

    Anyone else having skin issues lately? I seem to get rough red plaques on areas typically covered by clothes but also on forearms. Thought it was excema and have been using cream triamcinolone, but it helps only temporarily, occasionally itchy but if I scratch things just get worse. I can get red lines that persist just from rubbing the itchy area. The plaques are not always itchy and don't appear to get worse with sunlight.

    Time to get a dermatologist consult?
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Have you ever had a biospy on your rash? Then you would know what you are dealing with.
    Welcome to the forum!
    Take care,
  3. Lori ODonnell

    Lori ODonnell New Member

    Hello. I recently had a skin rash, red patches from my face down my back, shoulders. Arms. Chest.
    Derm told me it was the sun. I wear long sleeves and sit in shade. It took 3 wks to go away. It did itch some.
  4. Laranne

    Laranne New Member

    No biopsy recently. It's been many years and has always responded to steroids previously.
  5. Laranne

    Laranne New Member

    Glad it went away.
  6. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member


    I have skin issues if I do not protect myself. I have to wear sunscreen every time I go outside, or I pay big time.
    I am sorry you are having such issues with your skin. If you make putting sunscreen on part of your early morning dress routine, it helps a lot in preventing skin problems. That is what works for me, anyway.

    Best Wishes,
  7. MissDaisy 1

    MissDaisy 1 Member

    I would contact my doctor for a referral to see the dermatologist. For many years I suffered with Atopic dermatitis on my arms and face. I was eventually diagnosed as being photosensitive. This was before I was diagnosed with RA/Lupus. I do have Atopic dermatitis in other locations. My arms were not it.

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