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atrophic rhinitis

Discussion in 'Related Conditions' started by Lisa_414, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Lisa_414

    Lisa_414 Registered

    hi all, was just wondering if anybody on here also suffers from atrophic rhinitis?

    For those of you who don't know what it is, it is basically inflammation of the nose, causing the lining to thin and this makes the nose constantly dry, sore, scabby and bleed aalll the time. It also means my sense of smell has become desensitized and i can constantly smell this 'bad' smell.

    I find this affects me greatly. It is constantly painful and very inconvenient. I really struggle to find anything that helps it. I was prescribed a nasal spray to help but it really hasn't done anything. The only thing that does help is washing out my nose to clear the scabs and moisten it and to then using a cotton wool bud smear vaseline inside my nose. However this only helps very briefly and is hard to do constantly, especially if out or at work.

    can anybody recommend something that will help?? Every time i see my consultant she says theres nothing more she can really do or suggest.

    I have been reading on the internet however about something called the young's operation. They close the nasal passages for a period (usually 3 to 6 months) and the theory is that it gives the nose time to heal and when re opened symptoms should reverse or improve greatly.

    If anyone has any more info on this i would really appreciate hearing from you :)
  2. Monica3

    Monica3 Registered

    Lisa--I am so sorry to hear what is going on--it sounds quite painful. I can see why you are seeking alternative treatments.

    Do you know if this is an allergic reaction? Are you taking antihistamines, or will they further dry you out? I don't have this issue, but vaseline did come to mind. I can see the difficulty involved in putting it on when away from home, however.

    I am hoping someone else will be along to give you some advice. What specialists have you seen for this? Dermatologist? Immunologist?

    Take care,

  3. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear you are so much discomfort :(

    Before surgery is considered I would suggest you need to pester your GP about this issue, you may well have an infection that needs some extra help to clear. Is it just a saline solution that you have been given to wash out your nasal passage? Perhaps you are in need of a corticosteroid nasal spray or even anti-biotics to heal the wounds...perhaps even both.

    I know you say you have been to the Consultant about this issue- are they an ENT Specialist (Ear, nose & throat).

    Best wishes,
  4. Lisa_414

    Lisa_414 Registered

    the specialist i saw was an ENT. he said from what he saw it wasnt caused from an allergic reaction and is very likely inflammation linked to my lupus.

    It is saline solution used for 'nasal douching' as they call it.

    The spray im using is actually a hayfever relief spray (im not a suffer of this but apparently the contents should help) the consultant said he would not suggest prescribing me a steroid nasal spray as it could thin my nasal cavity even more so and cause more problems.

    My rheumy who i see most often suggest she could refer me to another ENT but says she expects he will say the same thing as the last one and nothing new will be done.

    i just feel like there must be something that can help.. i feel like im going round in circles and will never find a solution!
  5. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    I am not suprised that you are frustrated. If the ENT thinks it is a result of lupus inflammation, then is it possible that the rheumy needs to adress your disease control? I would be asking that question in your shoes. Have you got a copy of the letter from the ENT? May be you could make an appt with your gp to go through your options.

    I know my son has a steroid nasal spray for his allergies, and the consultant is keen to get him off it asap. Would it be worth trying one for a short time to see if it cleared the inflammation up? I know you can use them on alternate days to minimise side effects.

    I know my nasal sores are extremely painful, so I sympathise with you. I would be persistent with your doc to work to find a solution.

    Let us know how you get on.
  6. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    I use steroid nasal spray to help keep Sinusitis attacks at bay so they can be used but not constantly :)! You can get various strengths of steroid nasal sprays issued so please speak to you GP as they can issue something to you...they don't have to do as the specialist has said - if your health is at risk etc then they need to treat/and refer you on to another specialist asap!

    Even a course of the anti-biotics could be still an option :)
  7. Irene2

    Irene2 Registered

    Sorry to hear that you've been struggling with this. I have just recently had this, but didn't know its name! I had it for about 6 months and did not really get any help for it. I did what you did and used vaseline which did relieve it but it never went away. However, just 2 weeks ago I got inflammation on the OUTSIDE of my nose (it swelled up horribly, was very tender to the touch, made me sleep loads, and I looked like Rudolph). The doctor prescribed antibiotics which did the trick AND since then I've had no more problems with the gunk in my nose. So, I would second Lesley's opinion, that a course of antibiotics might help. Maybe your GP could help there...keep us posted...
  8. BigSis

    BigSis Registered

    I've been suffering from this lately and doing much the same as others about it.
    I thought it may be the Amytriptiline I've recently started,causing more mouth and nose dryness. Its very distressing to think that this may be a new symptom in its own right!

    I would like any ideas of ways to help too...other than the above mentioned.
  9. BigSis

    BigSis Registered

    H Lisa..hope you are well.

    Further to my last post.
    My glands under my jaw became very sore, which to me says some kind of infective process.
    So I have been using Bactroban. This is an antibiotic nose ointment,
    It has worked so well I cant tell you, Huge relief.
    I hope you find something that works for you.
  10. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    Hi Lisa,

    Just read through your thread from the beginning and was about to reply with info about Bactroban when I reached Big Sis's good-news-post.

    I get similar symptoms to both of you and GP always takes a nasal swab to send off to the lab, which always comes back as nasal staphylococcus (same family as MRSA). I've had it four times in the past couple of years. Has your doctor tested you for this? It starts out with dry nasal scabs and irritation, then bleeding, then nose gets swollen and red inside and out, and painful around the eye area until the nasal staph is treated. Having had it really bad once (very painful), whenever I think it's starting up again I whiz off to the GP so he can do a swab. The sample has to be grown in the lab for analysis so takes about a week for the result to come back. When I've finished the course of Bactroban, he takes another swab to make sure the staph has gone.

    Bactroban makes a big difference even after just one application. Be careful though, if you use too much it can thin the nasal membranes (like hydrocortisone for eczema and other rashes can thin the skin) and may make you more prone to non-infection-related nosebleeds, so just stick with the prescribed dose.
  11. Irene2

    Irene2 Registered

    Hi all

    Mine has come back again :( I've got some Bactroban and it's helping the scabby problem.

    Daisy, I just wondered if Bactroban was all you needed to get rid of the inflammation. My nose is horribly inflamed at the tip, very tender to the touch. My eyes are very dry and I just want to close them all the time and the area around my jawline is tender too. Before I had oral antibiotics to get rid of it. Wonder if I can rely on Bactroban to do the job this time?

    Last time I had this my doctor diagnosed the inflammation as Erysipelas. But now it's come back right at the same time as the gunk I'm inclined to think it's related and therefore is all a Lupus related problem. Since I last had it I have had my dose of Plaquenil increased. I had hoped this would stave it off. Disappointed to see that it hasn't.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    Hi Irene,

    If it's nasal staphylococcus (verified by swab) then Bactroban always clears it up for me. Does your doctor take a swab and send it to the lab for analysis? If he doesn't, it might be a good idea to ask him to do that as he really needs to get to the bottom of what's going on.

    Since having lung problems earlier this year I also developed a rhinitis which I've had for a few months now. For this my lung specialist has prescribed Beconase (beclometasone dipropionate) and told me to try it for two months and if it didn't work to ask GP to prescribe Rinatec. The Beconase does work for me but if I accidentally miss using it for a day the symptoms start showing again very quickly so I'm going to ask for a trial of Rinatec. My pharmacist advised that after using nasal sprays it's best to rinse out your mouth or drink a little water as microscopic droplets can enter the throat and mouth and could cause oral thrush.

    I hope you find some relief soon.

    p.s. Have you been tested for Sjogren's? Just wondering because of the other symptoms you mentioned.
  13. Barnclown

    Barnclown Registered

    Hi Irene (and if you're there:lisa) and everyone else with this

    Yes, I've been coping with this stuff to for decades. Not nice at all. I used naseptin until I became resistant& my gp changed me over to bactroban. Otherwise, yes: Vaseline and sprays have helped me manage this as best I can over the years. But only the naseptin & bactroban really stopped the horrible sores, but not the dryness/ bleeding etc. In fact, probably cause my lifelong SLE was going undiagnosed, I assumed all this sinus/nose stuff was ' normal'

    But now I know it wasn't, cause my gp got me in to see my dermy earlier tjis autumn, who has been taking care of my 101 skin probs all these years (but I never talked to her about nose/sinus, cause thought all that was 'normal'). It's first time I've seen her since SLE diagnosis. She was annoyed I'd been using naseptin & now bactroban so often for years (she talked about dangers of building resistance) and ordered me to swab nose the next time for culture. This I did in oct:: turned out to be a staph aureus triple + infection (the worst you can get) and the beginning of a scary time for me.

    Since then have been on 2 weeks of flucloxacillin 500mg, and my gp & rheumy have figured out that as this time the sinus infection is on left side only, it's actually related to an infection in my jaw bone below it: oh oh! Well, emergency appt with rheumy last week: urgent referral to maxillofacial surgeon for likely osteomyelitis. Oh oh. Rheumy told me meanwhile on to 3 more weeks flucloxacillin while I wait + neilmed sinurise sinus douches

    So, I posted a ? separately about this yesterday in this section, and had posted earlier but got no replies. Oh dear, is this cause what's happening to me is unusual & spooky ir what?? Am feeling v alone

    But feel a bit better now have read your posts: at least we are all helping each other with the basic terrible sinus challenges of lupus. Horrible!!!

    Anyway, have ordered this neilmed sinurinse and will see what it's like: do any of you ever use it?

    Good luck everyone (if any of you have advice to give me re maxilliofacial surgeons & Osteomyelitis: yes please!)

    Take care all
  14. Irene2

    Irene2 Registered

    Thanks Daisy and Barnclown
    The Bactroban did the trick! Daisy, will take note about the swabs, for the next time, which I'm sure there will be. Thanks for the info. I haven't been tested for Sjorgens, but yes, think I might have it.
    Barnclown, so sorry to hear of your problems. I'm sorry I don't know anything about osteomyelitis, I hope you're managing to get some answers and that it's feeling less scary. It's always tough when you come up against a new symptom. On the bright side, at least you have your diagnosis of Lupus now, and hopefully a lot of your symptoms can be brought under control with meds.
    Hang on in there. Hope all goes well with the max surgeon.
  15. velibey

    velibey Registered

    Liza I'm suffering from Atrophic Rhinitis but I'm uncomfortable to discuss this matter on the forum, would like to contact with you and share some thoughts.
  16. runnergirl

    runnergirl Registered

    My Doc gave me bactroban for my nose ulcers and it worked wonders! I'm glad you found something to give you some relief.
  17. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi Velibey,
    What makes this forum so great is the sharing we all do with each other. Below is the Aim for this forum.

    Here is the link to the guidelines.
  18. fana1511

    fana1511 Registered

    hi all..
    im suffering of this atrophic rhinitis too.. my ent said that i most probably born with it. im 28 years old now. married with one child. im kinda upset as this has affected my eyes - tear duct is blocked. eye specialist suggested to do surgery, but my ent don't advice to. as he said that could make my condition worsen, because the infections has got into the bone.. it's really uncomfortable now as my right eye is watery most of the time.. and easily could get infection if not taken good care of hygiene. im wondering if any of u who had this has any other solution.. i really would like to improve my quality of life. doc said i just gotta live with it as it is hard to cure... its been years... :(
  19. cally

    cally Registered

    Hi fana1511 and welcome to the forum,

    This is an old thread so you may not get the replies you are looking for. You might like to open a new thread where you will attract your own answers and you can introduce yourself.

    I'm going to lock this thread now.

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