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Benefit advice

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Sapphire 260, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Sapphire 260

    Sapphire 260 Sapphire

    Dont know if anyone can give me any advice but I am not sure if I am entitled to any benefit or not.

    I have had to reduce my working hours down and down due to fatigue, pain and generally feeling terrible, and have now had to give up my job because I was taking so many sick days and also using the majority of my holiday as sick days as well. I have gone through pain killers, plaquenil and am now on methotrexate which seems to be the first thing that has eased my pains at all but I am still in pain every day and have to 'nap' every afternoon to get through the day (and thats on a good day).

    I have looked at the assessment criteria for claiming benefits and am not sure that I would qualify for anything as a lot of the time I am able to walk 200 metres and lift my arms above my head for example but I can only cope with working (sitting down) for a few hours a day and then every 2-3 days I need a complete rest day which is no good to an employer.

    How are these benefits decided when some days I am able to work for a few hours but I cannot guarantee being able to do that every day? Im not sure whether to apply but I am unable to hold down a permanent job and am not sure what to do next.

  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Hi, I would contact your local Citizens Advice Centre to see what help you may be entitled to. Maybe a chat with the local job centre on access to work schemes may enable you to train for a suitable position?
  3. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    Well,..there is a question?

    The UK benefits system has nothing to do with, you feel, or,..what you can do,.. or not,.. or for how long,. or how painful it is,.. or how long you can do it,. or if you have one leg, or arm, or eye, or if you do something that even for an hour leaves you ,.. (YOU GET MY DRIFT?) THEY DONT CARE!!
    Their job is to STOP you caliming what the law entiles you to.
    All you can do is to be honest and tell them how difficult life is for you each day./
  4. tracy m

    tracy m Registered

    i totaly understand were your coming from i have been off work sick for 2 month with various dymptoms i recently applied dor dla but have been refused beacuse i can wallk 200 meters might take a while but i can do it in time i dont need help to wash or drtess myself and i can take my medication on my own wat right does a total stranger who probably dosnt even get a hedache have to decide how ill lupus can make you and how it can destroy ur life it suck soz im just havin a rant it makes me so angry xxx
  5. KitKat

    KitKat Registered

    Hi Saphire,

    Traditionally the disability benefits are poor at recognising the debilitating effects of fatigue. There are claims that assessors are being given new guidelines to include the effects of fatigue but I haven't seen a huge change and certainly there is no change in forms etc. If I were you I might look for websites that give support to people with me/chronic Fatigue syndrome as they might be able to give advice. I say that, because a friend of mine with M.E. filled in her DLA form taking her fatigue into consideration. She described how she could walk more than 50 meters in one day but that for the rest of the day she could barely move therefore she filled the form in claiming that she couldn't walk more than 50 meters. I would feel uncomfortable with filling the form in like that as I think it is too close to lying but I might be wrong so I would check out M.E. sites for advice.

    Are you working at all? If you don not work or work less than 16 hours a week you can claim either JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) but for this one you need to sign up to say that you can work 40 hours a week. Or ESA (Employment Support Allowance) where you say you are to sick to work. For ESA the forms ask about mental as well as physical ability so it is possible that you could pass this by explaining how badly the fatigue effects you. It is a points based system and impossible to say until you have done it whether you will get it.

    If you are on a low income either because of having a low paid job or not being able to work full time you might be able to get housing and council tax benefit. They are different amounts in every council but might be worth having a look at. The website has a benefits calculator to see if you are eligible to get this.

    Hopefully that makes sense I have a very lupie head today!

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