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Benulab trial

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by Surferboy, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Lupusdude

    Lupusdude Registered

    Hey, I love the new grass you put in! I gave up on grass when the sprinklers broke and the weeds took over. However, I did get a patch of grass in January, but never enough to fill the yard. Last month I had this beautiful grass; so soft and fine. It was only about 1 cubic foot, but I took off my socks and shoes and stood on it . I remember reading about grass walking somewhere so I gave it a try. Anyway, my yard looks like yours, mostly weeds, and they started early this year so I’ve been weeding and mowing them down for over a month already. No breaks this year. Here’s a pic of the lettuce I started and some of the grass. That shadow...hehe!
    rsz_68dd828d-e129-4de8-b4fc-250e3dec8d98.jpg rsz_68a94098-c066-4e7c-9747-307b761f38af.jpg rsz_229fa04f-6eae-48d4-bf92-503c814682aa.jpg rsz_b843e2bc-207a-40da-af3a-a326da4a42eb.jpg rsz_bbe9736f-df6b-4420-8519-28970fcb43b5.jpg
  2. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Lettuce. Now you're talking. I said I'd grow my own fruit & veg when I moved in to my new house. That was 6 years ago. To date I have grown absolutely nothing. Time to pull my finger out I think!!!
  3. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    PS That Rituximab still ain't kicked in. And to make it worse, had a very minor flare up too. But feels like it's retreating now.

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