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Black lights

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by SueC, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    :what: Hi everyone,

    I know this is a dumb question, but I am hoping there'll be people agreeing with me.
    There is a night-run event that will put up black-lights (UVA lights, though mild rays), and it'll take about 3-5 hours.
    I want to do that run, 5 km, since it's at night and it sounds really fun, with all the florescent water splashing and DJs and all. But I'm contemplating since black lights are UV lights.
    So do you guys think it should be okay to do that run for a couple of hours?
  2. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi Sue,

    I am very sensitive to artificial lights so this wouldn't work for me; I would suppose the answer is depending on if you are sensitive to them too. I always wear factor 50 sunscreen and have to constantly reapply it at work if others need the lights on.

    I don't think this has really given you an answer so sorry for not being able to give you a clear opinion; the information on the main site seems to say the same too....

    I hope you have fun if you get to take part :)
    Best wishes,
  3. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    Re: Black lights

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I guess I couldn't participate. I am sensitive to UV. Yeah. Such a creative event. Well, I gotta do what I needa do. Health's first priority. :/.


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  4. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    What a shame you won't be able to take part :( but you're right, your health must come first. I have previously taken part in charity runs but am now unable to do this, but last month I helped out as a volunteer marshall at a race instead...that way I could do as much as I wanted to and had great fun shouting encouragement and joining in the atmosphere that way. Not quite night-runs and fluorescent water but still all for a worthy cause.

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