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blood in urine

Discussion in 'Tests and Procedures' started by Jackie Jubilee, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Jackie Jubilee

    Jackie Jubilee New Member

    I always test positive to having blood in my urine. I was sent to a "specialist" that tested my urine and said "its a small amount of blood, I wouldnt worry" .......... ummmm what the heck?
    Does anyone else here have that issue?
  2. mark176

    mark176 Active Member


    I've not experienced that, but the answer you received from the professional rung alarm bells. You are the best advocate for your heslth. Personally i would have asked for more tests.
    Kidney function tests and ultrasound of kidney.

    I'm not saying that you have a aerious problem, but things need to be investigated thoroughly, not just swept under carpet

    Kind regards
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  3. Jackie Jubilee

    Jackie Jubilee New Member

    I did ask for more testing and he said "Well if you think its necessary I will send you" ....... honestly I just dont want to go back to see him every again.
    I felt like I had thrown $40 in the garbage and wasted an hour of my day, its so frustrating! The money spent on copays and meds are really taking a toll and it gets to a point that you just want to say the heck with all of it but then I look at my kids and feel obligated to take care of myself because they need me.
    Ugh, anyway I am obviously in one of those moods this week............. Thanks Mark for your reply. I totally agree with you and will have my Dr send me to another urologist.
  4. mea

    mea mea

    My test are always positive for blood as well ( over 10 yrs). Have had several other other tests done to determine the cause but nothing was found so they say it is from the lupus inflammation. Kidney function has gone slightly below normal but has righted itself again. We just keep watch on it and retest every 3 months. Good luck.
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  5. Amy7575

    Amy7575 Registered

    I get that everytime that I have one of those tests. One time a doctor will seem slightly concerned, then the next they act like it's no big deal. It is extremely frustrated, and scary.
  6. Tired

    Tired Member

    Get it checked out by a urologist and/or nephrologist. Even some of the best docs are tempted to sweep seemingly "minor" symptoms under the rug, at times.

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