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Discussion in 'Tests and Procedures' started by Ooohmekneeshurt, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    Sorry about this; the answer is probably someplace; but blood tests, GLRAND, GLYCHB, and RLIP2; does anyone know what they test for?

    Just had the most crazy bloods back; CRP at 160; ESR at 52; WCC 17.2 (and I am on Azathioprine). Phosphate, Magnisium and others way out too.
    URGENT appointment with GP today, results in 20 blood tests; but I am struggling to find what ther above are.

    Any help; THANKs
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Can you contact the lab or your doctor for clarification?
  3. Mmouse

    Mmouse Member

    I would definitely contact the lab or just straight out ask your doctor because you are advocating on your behalf. Make sure to be apart of the process so you can be fully aware of all things when it comes to your body.

  4. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    Thanks for the replies. Increasingly I am getting frustrated by my GP. I know they are overworked, but....
    I found one test was related to Diabetes (dont have it).

    The more anxious things is that now my bloods are getting back to normal (my normal); the GP just sighs relief!!! and does nothing else. I have had five months of crazy bloods. Lots of tests (thought things were moving towards a Dx) .......but no!
    I have new ANAs, but my GP doesnt understand (or cant do the science). As ANAs are possible markers for certain autoimmune issues, you would think he would at least eliminate issues. I had to do the leg work and research The Lancet and found a tentative link............ but the GP looks blanks when I discuss it with him.
    More worrying, is that they have taken me off Azathioprine....and already my MCTD is getting active.
  5. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    A GP is not a specialist and has not had the more in depth training to understand all the nuances of autoimmune diseases. It would be better to work with a highly regarded Rheumatologist.

    You say you thought things were moving toward a DX. Don't you already have a MCTD diagnosis?

    Take care,
  6. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    Sorry the GP comment wasnt directly about an autoimmune issue, but the fact he has done little about seriously out of range bloods. Appears to be stuck, and doesnt know what to do. I have MCTD but either thats developed, or I have something else, which was the Dx I was looking for.
    With my new ANAs it was my Rheumatologist who asked my GP if he knew if they were connected with something??
  7. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Sometimes bloods can be abnormal but my rheumy will say it isn't in conjunction with something else so it is okay. Either way you deserve an answer. Since the GP isn't helping ask your rheumy what he is questioning.

    Take care,

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