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BSLE on the face, and successful cover up/faster healing?

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by kritterosanervosa, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. kritterosanervosa

    kritterosanervosa Registered

    I have found so very little info online about those of us who also have BSLE (especially when it affects your face). Over the years (coming up on 19 years of having this + SLE), I have performed many an "experiment", on what heals these lesions/cover up technique, and am unclear as to whether what I have found could be helpful, is the best anyone has come up with, has anyone else come up with better info?

    Looking for others specifically (or have knowledge of) others with this particular facet of Lupus.

    Things I have discovered thus far:
    1.Higher level diaper rash ointment (40% zinc oxide), seems to squelch alot of the pain, redness, and aid in sloughing of lesions, once they begin to crust. Unfortunately, this remedy can really only be used practically at home, and the ointment likes to run pretty fast so if your not prepared, you get a mouth full of it fast (ick).
    2. Covering these up with makeup, is a task that doesn't always work out well. Between the general roughened appearance (that seems to suck up foundation/powder) and the swelling, even if you can completely cover the discoloration, it is obvious that there is something very large under that caked on layer of makeup. I recently tried using a makeup primer which did help initially, but unclear as to whether it reacted by drying out the lesion too much, or the multiple bodies of contact I had from hugging, caused the lesion's top layer to come off mid day, leaving a mess on my face?
    3. Have had zero success with any topical prescribed medications, though only a few have been tried in the past and maybe there is something new on the market that works?

    Anyone else out there with tips/tricks/experiences?
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi kritterosanervosa and welcome to the lupus site.

    Thank you for coming and sharing your what has worked for you and not. Im sure you will get replies back telling you what has worked for them or not.

    You have found a great forum with caring and supportive members.
    I will go and see if I can find some of those threads.
    Have a look around the main page of this forum.

    Take care,
  3. acquiesce

    acquiesce Junior Member

    Hi Kritter, I've just been diagnosed with sle and in the process of determining all the facets of it I have. I get very painful blisters on my face and it may be related to what you have but I can't say for sure. I also have eczema and psoriasis and have found that virgin coconut oil helps somewhat on all my skin eruptions and problems. Zinc has been good too but as you say it doesn't soak into the skin. Coconut oil does quite well. It has very healing qualities that soothe the skin and moisturize. I still get blisters and flaking but it heals faster I find.

    My routine for makeup goes like this,
    coconut oil first,
    bb cream (it tones down any discoloration and redness)
    sometimes a light mineral powder to seal it all on lol

    I hope this helps, these blisters HURT! and they make me feel quite ugly. At first I thought I was getting teenage acne 20 years too late! My friends tell me the blisters hardly show but they might just be being the sweet friends that they are ;)


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