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CAB for help with DLA forms ?

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by flamenco2, May 28, 2009.

  1. flamenco2

    flamenco2 Registered

    Hi there,

    Had two days of none stop phone calls (to every name, place, orgnisation under the sun ! To find some advice centre to get to see someone to help me with these DAMN D.L.A. FORMS ! quite perturbed now at this stage ............ pulling my hair out !
    Have now got an appointment on 23rd june with welfare rights coming to my house.
    But told woman form has to be IN BY 26th JUNE !!!!! she said they no appointments whatsoever any sooner.
    Just rang my local CAB, said I could go in there to see them, saturdays are quiet LOL
    Told them ive more or less answered all (in clear note form) but not transferred info yet. Til seen someone.

    Can anyone on here whose in UK give me an honest opinion, would you go seek out the CAB or wait til 23rd June, but it has to BE IN BY 26TH JUNE ??

    Also, guidance wise, is the CAB better/worse for help, or is the WELFARE RIGHTS got more "know how" ?????? or are both equal in their knowledge.

    Any replies that WOULD help me be very much greatful.

    Dont know if its me feeling "touchy" but ive been passed from pillar to damn post on phone numbers, others cant say, others dont know who or where I need, no one seems available, and seems to me, not many really want to give any advice - seems all "hush hush" to me LOL

    If this is how complicated it is getting help, no wonder people just literally fill it in and send the thing in ! Prob they well past caring by then. Im eating, dreaming, sleeping, thinking, this DLA form lark !!!!!!!!!!

    I await.

    Love, hugs, regards and very best wishes

    Diane (Di) xx
  2. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Why don't you wait for your appointment with Welfare Rights, once the form is filled out pop it in to your local Job Centre and ask them to put it into their internal post system, the department should get it the next day.
    Hope this helps

  3. dixy

    dixy Registered


    well only advice I can give u Is Please photocopy all 49 pages lol. My first application was turned down:eek: My GP backed me up saying he had never wrote on behalf of a patient before.
    So send any info you have on your dx.

    I myself think they just throw the first one away hoping u wont apply again.:eek:

    Also it is how answers are worded. Dont put your good days down as could be misleading.
    Social workers r the people u need that speak the lingo they are used to form filling

    Take care dont give up

  4. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b


    The only time I ahd dealings with Cab was when I worked for the courts and to be honest they were wrong most of the time and seemed unable to grasp basic law and cause more hassle than ever for their clients. My sister is also a Cab volunteer and to be honest although she is a lovely person I wouldnt want to trust her with things I valued as important. Other areas may be very diffferent as this is a rural area
    I find local benefits offices. job centres etc and tax offices to be more than helpful

    That is just my opinion and you must make your own up

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