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CBS News Report on Disability

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Tom, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom Old Timer

    Click on the Disability Pay Rejections video

    Some highlights include:

    2 out of 3 claims are rejected

    3 year wait in some states for a hearing (Mine is one) :rolleyes:

    16,000 people died in the last 2 years (06' & 07') waiting for a decision! :eek:

    I'm glad it's finally getting the attention it deserves.
  2. acard

    acard Registered

    I am shocked:eek: It is very wrong. I hope our next Presicident wiill cabge this crap.:mad:

    Tom, you are a remarble-Keep you chin up:hehe:

  3. neongirl

    neongirl Registered

    Good Grief!
    You'd think the way the government hangs onto this money that it was theirs!
  4. Jirel

    Jirel Registered

    Have to admit, nothing I didn't already know. Friend of mine tried to commit suicide twice while waiting. He didn't think he'd get his $300 a month.
  5. raggedyann1

    raggedyann1 Registered

    We need to be carefull not to get into a political discussion here. Part of the extra screening process came as a result of a good amount of fraud from both "patients" and doctors cooperating for a kick-back. There is also a huge growth in disabled people as us baby-boomers age. I am not defending the system just giving some clarity as to how some of it got where it was. I hope the new person in charge is able to swing things back around quickly and get better clarification on Connective tissue diseases vis a vis disability.

  6. dudley

    dudley Registered


    I could not find it. What am I doing wrong?

    tk Elaine
  7. Tom

    Tom Old Timer

    I guess they drop off after a certain time period. :(

    You can still see this one and 2 others about disability by clicking the "Health" tab in the "Top Videos" box, then scroll down to it.

    I hope that makes sense. :scratch:
  8. Jen79

    Jen79 Guest

    I waited 3 years before i got a hearing and I had hired a lawyer my mother find in the phone book and never met her. She dismissed my case and a month later I recieved a letter saying that I had 3 hearings that I missed and I couldn' t apply again until 2010. I was so mad and upset that the lawyer did that to me and I know she dismissed me bc she knew that she had not been working on my case. I still can't believe that I waited 3 yrs for a hearing and had one 3 times and didn't know about it. So I have thrown my hands up and go to work everyday in pain and very exhausted knowing that I don't have a chose. That is very true about people being on their death bed and have gotten turned down for disabilty. I know some people that have gotten it and they are healthly and can function in day to day life and I can't understand how they got it and there are people that are really sick and have either gotten denied or waiting on a response.
  9. marymackay

    marymackay Registered

    So Sad

    Hi All
    The video was really excellent, but the message was so sad for any one with disabilities - a culture of denial - not just for pensions but from many walks of life.
    Best of luck All
  10. mkerpics

    mkerpics mmkhuv

    Here is an update on Scott Watson, one of the SSD appplicants featured on the CBS News' Invesigative Report on SSD and the "Culture to Deny".

    Now is the time to let all of your local legislature know about what's going on. You can find/contact them at and

    Also contact the media. The more media outlets that broadcast this story, the more likely it is that something will be done to help the disabled get the benefits they are entitled to. You can contact them at
  11. dudley

    dudley Registered

    Hi Tom.

    Hope your day comes soon when you herethat big YES.
    fFound the site. www, I did a search on just disabilities and a lot of artical came up as text and peoples comments to them along with vidios. Unfortunatly I do not have the they software to down load it. The person that set up my computer will do it next weekend....The playoffs lol.

  12. dudley

    dudley Registered

    Found out what the problem was on me looking at the video. I have Dail up (Yeah I am cheap). Idid find a few interesting articals on the site.


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