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Change of meds...

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by mea, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. mea

    mea mea

    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately, although the prednisone and inhalers (Alvesco & Bricanyl) have helped with my overall lupus symptoms it doesn't seem to be giving good enough control over the lung issues so my Dr wants me to try replacing the Alvesco (steroid inhaler) with Symbicort ( steroid & long lasting bronciodialater) plus use the Bricanyl as rescue for flare ups. Anyone here use Symbicort? How do you find it?

    My last blood work revealed a low MPV (platelet size) but the number of platelets was normal...anyone else have this? A first for me but Dr. didn't seem too concerned. The only other cbc result out of normal was my lymphocyte count, which i've had before from the imuran treatment.
  2. denisemv

    denisemv Breathe......

    Hi Mea,
    I have been on Symbicort for my Asthma, caused by Chronic Lymphaic Leukemia (CLL) which I was dx'd with in 2007, but no symptoms until 2012.....I had Chemo and have been in remission or 5 years. Treatable but not curable. I also have bronchietasis, so my lungs are pretty much compromised. I have had good luck with Symbicort. Just remember to have you Eye's ck'd ....It can sometimes give you Glaucoma. Which for me I just have eye drops. I really think you will be fine it...
    Stay strong, we all can do this.....
    Denise ;)
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  3. mea

    mea mea

    Hi Denise and thanks. Nice to hear a good report on the symbicort, hoping I will find the same. Already have my eyes checked yearly because of the plaquenil use.
    Sorry to hear of your CLL diagnosis but great that you are in remission, you stay strong as well.

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