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chiropractor can it cause more pain?

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by helloos, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. helloos

    helloos Registered

    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering, I was in a car accident and strained my lower back and neck and started to see a chiropractor.He said he will go "easy" on me because of Lupus. I have gone about 5x now and it is way way worse. I would say about 10x. I told him today, stopping treatment. I am worse then when I went in.

    Anyone ever have this experience and is it because of Lupus? I know that some people use them for lupus too.

    Thanks ! At a loss here.
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi Paula,

    Just like all the doctors we see there are good chiropractors and bad ones.

    You should be feeling better by now with 5 treatments. Maybe try a different one?

    I go to a chiropractor and he helps me.

  3. Tom

    Tom Old Timer


    I agree with Lyn, I've had both good chiropractors and bad ones. The bad ones can be really painful and should be banned! :mad: I had an adjustment one time that made it very hard to breathe until he readjusted me the next day. The pain was horrible, I still remember it well. :(

    But the good ones can really make a difference. The last time I had my back adjusted I realized that I had been walking a little bit sideways for a very long time. A few days after, my back felt better than it had in a very long time. :)

    Sometimes the problem can be muscle or nerve related and therapy may be the answer for that (Massage or rehab depending on the problem). I have a nerve behind my shoulder blade that gets severely inflamed sometimes. I have a special workout that massages the nerve using certain muscles which gets rid of the pain. Before therapy the pain got so bad I could feel the burn from my neck to my fingers. The pain was so incredible, only an abscessed tooth can compare! :eek:uch: My chiropractor sent me to therapy and after just 3 days, the pain was almost completely gone. :thumbs:

    You may try talking to your docs and/or nurses to see if they can recommend a good one. That's how I found the one I have now. :)
  4. Maia

    Maia Registered

    My ferrier's wife had some problem with her back following an accident and she went to a chiropractor instead of her regular doctor; he did treatments and made it so much worse that she finally went to see a MD who saw she had some serious problems (after ordering an MRI) and she needed surgery. I think it was a couple of slipped discs if I remember correctly.

    I don't see a chiropractor and don't plan on it. If I were to see one I would want to make absolutely sure there was nothing seriously wrong with me before accepting their adjustments as a form of treatment. Chiropractor treatment is not advised for those with a history of blood clots; I would imagine APS/Hughes syndrome patients should not see a chiropractor.

    I think they can absolutely make things worse... and if you feel worse then you are probably doing the right thing to discontinue treatment.
  5. Jmaca

    Jmaca jmaca

    I went to a chiropractor many years ago for a back problem. He did an adjustment that not only made my pain worse, but left all four of my extremities tingling badly for days. I'd never been to a chiropractor before then, and I'll never go back to one again.

    I think that, with lupus, there are so many possibilities for what ails us. I'd have to have my entire body scanned to know just what affects what in terms of my muscular skeletal area. There's just too much going on all the time. My guess is that the adjustment set off everything else that's always bordering on causing a problem.

    Years later, I later learned that I have a cervical stenosis, back and neck arthritis (and pretty much everywhere else), a couple slipped disks in my lower back, and my whole body is riddled with calcium deposits. I think that, no matter what a chiropractor does, it risks causing at least one more thing to flare up. I would never risk it again.

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