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Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by anneslp, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. anneslp

    anneslp Registered

    Hi Everyone

    I am just looking for peoples experiences with chiropractors.....I am presently being treated with prednisone for what is turning into chronic pleurisy. My pain is worse when I am upright, as opposed to lying down. I have actually been wondering if perhaps some of the pain along my spine and rib cage might be muscular-skeletal. I attempted to slowly taper of prednisone, but my pain came back with a vengeance! Since there is no real test to diagnose pleurisy, I am looking to other reasons for my trunk pain/discomfort. I am slowly convincing myself that I should look into muscular-skeletal involvement and I made an appt with a chiropractor for next Tuesday. Has anyone had any success with chiropractors? Even if you have warnings for me, I would appreciate them.
    thanks, Anne
  2. doris999

    doris999 Registered

    Do you get a pain in your chest, the same place as the the pain in your spine? also in your ribs?
    If you lie back on pillows does it ease the pain, and by wearing a tight bra does that help with the pain in your spine.

    I see a chiro and it does ease it up but find i have to go on a regular basis.
    My recent back problems were triggered off from taking a pain med, well thats what the Dr at the ER said and i also have degenerative disc's in upper and lower back.
  3. anneslp

    anneslp Registered

    Hi Sandra, I get pains in my chest that are more like twinges that can be sharp, burning sensations and they can be anywhere from my chest to my sides. The pain in my back is often along my spine and rib cage. I often have pain between my left shoulder blade and spine as well. These pains are often bothersome when I am upright: sitting, standing, etc. When I am lying down, my back feels fine. I can wake up in the morning and feel great until I have to get up out of bed. I have three young children, so laying down other than at bedtime, is pretty much out of the question. I have an appt on Tuesday for the chiropractor, so we will see if it helps. Anne
  4. pippa10

    pippa10 Registered

    I thought pleurisy was diagnosed with x-rays i remember when I had it the last bout the pain was so sharp when I took a breath in I developed a really shallow way of breathing for a while. Pip
  5. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi there,

    I too think that there is a big difference between pleurisy and other types of pain. The docs should be able to "hear" if you have pleurisy as well as x-rays. I believe that some types of pleurisy can be "dry" and therefore very difficult to detect but if the docs are saying you have pleurisy then you most likely do. Of course that doesn't exclude you perhaps ALSO having a back problem.

    I have a friend who's a chiro and he's the sort of person with whom I'd trust my life quite literally so I did trust him to have a look at my back after several months of terrible inflammation all around my rib cage which wouldn't go away despite constantly being on anti-inflammatories. He said my pain was quite typical of people with a back problem - I didn't believe him at all - and he was quite right.

    Two days after he worked on my back my inflammation and pain increased and stayed very bad for a week and then, suddenly, it disappeared completely. My reaction was not a "normal" one. Normally you shouldn't react that much but I always do. I now know to take anti-inflammatories as a preventive measure for a week after and have no problems then. He told me that I need to just come back and check my back once every six months.

    It is VERY important to be sure you get someone good and someone who knows what they're doing and who is gentle. Here chiropractors are very strictly monitored but that is not always the case and even here, there is one I know that I just don't go too because he's too harsh in his movements.

  6. doris999

    doris999 Registered

    I also find that wearing a very tight bra pulls my ribs together and easies the pain a lot, so at the moment i'm wearing a bra 24/7 which i hate doing but if it helps with the pain so be it.
  7. anneslp

    anneslp Registered

    Hi Pip, I have had multiple chest xrays, every few months, but my rheumy said that pleurisy doesn't necessarily show on an xray....I guess I just feel like I need to do something other than popping prednisone for my inflammation and pain. Keeping my fingers crossed that chiropractor can help me somehow. Anne

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