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Clearing out grandma's house and selling it

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Karly1964, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    :worried: Pretty depressed as the process goes along of selling my grandma's property, I know the money will likely all be used for her care in the assisted living home as the monthly cost is $5,000 and that doesn't include meds and outings etc.:eek: But it is the best place in town and the only place that doesn't have that oppressive depressing feel and odor. It's more fancy, they have a nice fire place, music, games, contests, outings, very caring staff who always seem to be smiling wherever they are and whatever they are doing. I am glad that my grandpa invested and saved well enough so that as my grandma gets older and needs more care she can get it, and we can take her out when we would like to. She is 90 years old and her mind is sort of failing as is her memory.:( But health wise she is doing fairly well.

    It is the selling of the house and everything in and around it that is sad, I've known that property all my life, even lived on the property when I was a baby and my parents had a trailer on the property. We had nearly every holiday at that house..:Pumpkin: :xmas3: :gifts: :xtree: :hapbirth: and so much fun wandering around in the woods. Granted I don't do much of that now, but at least I do have all the memories. I've not often wished I was rich but I do now so I could buy the house and turn it and the property into a wildlife refuge and rehab place, and then build my own little cabin to live in and get my dog back. Nice dream but the likelyhood of my ever being rich in money is not likely. but we do have tons of photos, memories and people to share them with and that is more than most people get to have if they are totally alone, and people now are losing houses due to the poor economy and that is not happening to us. We've had almost 50 years there to enjoy it and the wildlife and our time together and we are pretty lucky that way. Just hate to see it go.....Karly:blush:

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