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Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by *~aurora~*, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. *~aurora~*

    *~aurora~* Guest

    I'm in my 4th year of college (out of at least 6, maybe 8 before I go to grad school), 3rd living on campus. I'm supposed to be working 10ish hours a week and I'm taking 13 credit hours this semester (12 is full time, 16-17 is standard at my school). It's also a really prestigious/hard school and of course, I'm dealing with being sick.

    Does anyone have any tips? Has anyone ever been in my shoes or harder and made it? I need a glimmer of hope! :) I feel so overwhelmed right now. I have a religion paper and textbook chapter due tomorrow and I haven't even started either; my credit cards are nearly maxed out and I'm not on the meal plan; and to top it all off I'm in one of the top three worst flareups of my life. :mad: Oh, and one of my classes is a PE so I have to cycle twice a week. It's really not so bad but it drains my energy!

    How do other people do it? I've already missed two classes this semester (both abnormal psych because it has no attendance policy) just to keep up with life! And I haven't even started working yet, but I have to this week or I won't be able to have any groceries.

    It's sad this little subforum is so quiet! Where are all the under 20's? Must be school getting to them. ;)
  2. DnA

    DnA Registered

    Hi Rachel

    I'm not an under 20, but am at college, and can understand the problems you're having. I had similar problems when I was your age too...

    I've had to switch to part-time because my health isn't good enough, and the workload is huge, and yes, we get checked on attendence...

    I'd find someone to talk to get some advice, such as a faculty administrator, disabled students advisor, etc.

    So my advice - please ask the school for help. If you don't know who can help - go to the top and arrange an appointment with the head/principal! They're usually quite accomodating and can usually put special arrangements in place for, even if it's simple things like cutting down when you attend, providing you with a bed for rests when needed, etc.

    Hope things get easier soon.

  3. Zoi

    Zoi Registered

    Hey there,

    I'm a bit over the under twenties division (an amazing 23 this year!) but I'm also in university and have dealt with some of the problems you are dealing with. Lecturers and tutors are usually very understanding if you approach them and explain the situation to them and it might be a good idea to do this especially if you may miss a few classes etc.

    However your first point of "defense" in the university is, what in the UK is known as, "Student Support Services". This is usually a whole department of people trained to deal with and support students with all kinds of disabilities, health problems, psychological difficulties etc etc. They'll usually set up a meeting with a disability advisor who you can talk to and who will be your point person in the university. So if your health is acting up and you're flaring and you just can't finish a project in time then the disability advisor will be there to contact the department the project falls under and ask for an extension. :)

    I've had to take a medical leave of absence from university twice because of severe health troubles; both times it was completely unexpected and sudden and both times my university's faculty members stood by me, granted me the medical leave of absence and were incredibly understanding of what I was going through.

    What you're going through is very difficult indeed, but sometimes it helps to remember that the only thing you need to do to get help with the practical stuff is to ask for it...! :rolleyes:

    I hope you feel better very soon! Take good care of yourself!


  4. *~aurora~*

    *~aurora~* Guest

    oh no, I'm definitely registered with disability services and have every nearly every accommodation! :lol: I'm kind of a wimp, I have at least six different doctors notes listing my needed accommodations. Even with all that I still don't know how to manage, though! Guess I'll have to stop feeling sorry for myself. 8)
  5. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Rachel, My Daughter hasn't managed College at all for the last two years and she still lives at home, only has to travel two minutes up the road. She simply can't be there consistently. Her attitude and abilities are fine, she is just not well enough, even with accommodations. Do not feel guilty because you are not managing at present. I certainly couldn't manage what you do. You say you are going to have to work too, that is pretty serious stress on you. Could the College arrange any extra financial help to avoid this?
    x Lola
  6. *~aurora~*

    *~aurora~* Guest

    they already give me around $40,000 a year for room, board, and tuition! I just have to work to buy groceries and pay doctor's office copays, and I'm quickly running out of money. :( My credit cards are all maxed out and I only have so much in savings... sigh.

    But I am trying to sell my old wheelchair, flute, crutches, etc., so if I can do that I should be able to pull in a couple of hundred dollars and maybe only have to work 6 hours a week or so.
  7. Maia

    Maia Registered

    Are you getting $$$ for college as a grant/scholarship or is that $$$ in loans? If you are maxed out on student loans, then I guess I can't offer much better advice then to find the easiest job you can and try an easier PE class than cycling if you have to take PE again. ;)

    If you are *not* getting loan money yet, then I'd advise taking out what you need in student loans to get you by. I'd also recommend using student loan money to get on the meal plan because getting regular and healthy foods will help you and lessen the stress of meal prep and clean-up.

    Good luck with everything... I feel for you and hope this flare is short lived!
  8. *~aurora~*

    *~aurora~* Guest

    I'm considering a loan... I don't know. All of my money comes from scholarships and grants, so it wouldn't be too bad. :)

    Meal plan is a no-go because I rarely have the strength to walk to dinner, and there are no real options here for food. When I auto-transfer to the huge main campus next semester I will be on a small meal plan, but since I will be living almost off campus they'll give me all the rest of the money I would be spending on the meal plan for me to buy my own groceries.

    I also have dietary restrictions like most people with chronic illnesses, so eating on campus right now just doesn't work.
  9. myshiningstarr14

    myshiningstarr14 Registered

    Heya, Rachel.

    I'm Sophie, I'm fifiteen years old and have had Lupus for 2 years, if you wanna chat message me.

    See yaa,

  10. applesauce

    applesauce The vortex of insanity!

    Hey, a month late coming in...I'm 18 years old and this is my second semester at college and I'm feeling quite overwhelmed as well, if you want to talk anytime just message me. I'm not sure that I would be much help but I can relate!
  11. onetay

    onetay The Other Illinois Tammy

    Have you talked with a counselor and your teacher to let them know you are in a flare at the moment? Most of the time there is something in the rules about illnesses and giving you a little extra time to complete assignments. Your counselor should be able to help with the work load a little. You should find something that is not too physical if you have to work. You should also get a planner and plan out your week and weekends to get rest and study time. Stay on your plan, there will be times when it needs to be adjusted but for the most part you should stick with it. It has been a long time since I had to do it but yes I made it through a jr. college for an associates degree in accounting. It normally takes 2 years but I had to go 3years but I did do it. I spoke with my counselors and my teachers and they all helped me to complete my program. More time does not mean you are not as good, you just have to adjust to complete you task. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that things work out for you. You might also check and see if there is any aid that you can apply for from the school. This will take some of the pressure off of you.

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