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Criteria for middle rate care DLA

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by TracyJN, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Riamem

    Riamem Registered

    Hi, I know how you feel and I myself have been reluctant to attempt the very very long forms for ESA and DLA. I have had both for one year and have just sent my ESA forms off yesterday because they asked me to complete another set to see if my condition had changed. I am at present very well, and have been for approx. 5 weeks now, however my consultant and rheumy nurse do not think it will last long; this is the longest time I have been mobile enough to walk about out of the house unaided, walk approx. 500m before getting tired and feeling pain etc. I am making the most of it but not pushing myself; my concern is that if the answers on the form are positive, that they will stop the benefit. Thats great if Im well enough to go back to work but if my health declines again soon, as we all know it can without reason or explaination, I wont be able to go to work and will they renew my claim? It's a catch 22 situation isnt it, I have worked full time for 28 years and enjoyed my career, I miss everything that about it but must accept my new life - Lupus Life! So, send those forms and don't be ashamed. Good Luck...x
  2. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks very much for the replies. That's the problem will illnesses of this type - they're so unpredictable. I can go from being bed-ridden to happily walking round the shops (albeit with the aid of a crutch) within a day.

    I already get the lowest rate of care but I have definitely got worse since the award and need more help.

    As for ESA, well I've had 2 spells on incapacity benefit - this is the 3rd time I've found myself having to claim benefits for health reasons. Unfortunately the good days seem to be getting less and less over the last couple of years. :(

    My biggest fear is losing the DLA I have already - I know I am worse than I was when I claimed but it seems that whether or not you get it depends on the mood of the decision maker on the day rather than how much help you need!
  3. Shadow girl

    Shadow girl Registered

    Hi there, I get middle rate DLA because of a psychiatric condition where I ned someone with me for safety. The criteria for middle rate is needing help or supervision for at least 20mins in the night, (even if you don't have the help you need). Also note that unlike ESA, DLA is a non means tested benefit designed to help you overcome the additional costs you have as a disabled person. You can claim it whether you work or not and it is disregarded when claiming other benefits. If you receive working tax credit make them aware that you have requested a claim pack as soon as possible because if your claim is successful thay can back date the additional WTC that it'll mean you're entitled to.

    I'm not an expert on all of this. I got my info from a web site which if you subscibe to for (£16.00) provides excellent resources and guides to help you complete your forms and if necessary appeal. My claim was successful first time, without a medical etc having followed their guide to the letter. It took me a few weeks to complete the form but it was worth it. I downloaded a pdf form so I could fill it in on mu pc and save it as I worked through it. I then sent it in with the front page of the claim pack to it would still start from the date I requested a pack not the date they received it. Go for it, even if you feel rubbish - but do get info and advise to help you do it.
  4. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Please can I remind you that ther are many service providers that will help us complete DLA forms even Solicitors, but links to thier sites can't be posted as per guidelines...they will of course charges fees for these services.

    You may find charity organisations that offer free services :) like MS centres, they will help even those suffering with Lupus and the CAB as well.
  5. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Shadow Girl (and of course Lesley for the info on charity orgs!)

    I think I know which website you mean, I have subscribed to the free daily emails, but was wondering if it was worth paying for the further info - could you send me a PM with more details please.

    Now you've said that, I think I must qualify as several nights a week I am up during the night due to pain and sometimes cramps in my legs, and my son (bless him!) has to help me get my painkillers and a drink and sit with me until the pain passes helping me back up to bed if necessary.
  6. cally

    cally Registered

    Tracy, I was given excellent help by my local disability advice bureau, I can't for the life of me remember their exact name but they were fantastic and made sure I get everything I am entitled to. I think they are probably something to do with the CAB....but I'm not too convinced that I am right. The best part was that they were free.

    Please get some help but don't think you need to pay for it.

    Cally x

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