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Criteria of sysptoms for SS disabiltiy

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by dudley, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. dudley

    dudley Registered

    Interesting info on Disability info. The below sites will take you to the BLUE BOOK that list the critera that we are judge on to see if we meet certain guidlines. THIS HAS BEEN TOLD TO ME I AM NOT AN EXPERT. It does not take into account multiple problems. This is not the complete picture of what you are judged on.

    This first site is an overall.

    This second site will take you into for indepth info if you scroll down. I chosse adult listing and impairments. All 88 pages. It take a while to load. For SLE do a search for 114.02.

    When they mention 14.00b if have listed the below WEB site below and copied over the explanation.

    14.00B and 114.00B
    In final 14.00B and 114.00B, we discuss connective tissue disorders. In a technical correction, and for internal consistency, we changed the proposed phrase "connective tissue disease" in the first paragraph and throughout the preface to "connective tissue disorder." This is a more accurate description of the disorders. Moreover, the two phrases were used interchangeably in the NPRM; the revision now uses only one phrase throughout. We also changed the reference to "The American Rheumatism Association" in proposed 14.00B1 to the current name, "The American College of Rheumatology."
    bility Evaluation Under Social Security
    (Blue Book- January 2003)

    Sorry I could not figure out the hyperlinks using multiple websites

  2. lindaflip

    lindaflip Guest

    hi hark im going to read this site and ill let you know what i find out tommorrow.
  3. raggedyann1

    raggedyann1 Registered


    Thank you for providing those links, they will be very helpful for all of us on our quest to get approved for SSDI or SSI.

  4. raggedyann1

    raggedyann1 Registered

  5. bloops

    bloops Guest

    New to site, Hello all fellow sufferers!!!

    I thought you might be interested in the following that I copied from the site regarding proposed changes in the rules for lupus and disability. I am currently fighting for SSI, have been denied twice, and am finding that the people that decide my future are complete idiots, along with the CE Doctors they hire. Sorry to be so negative, but SS doesn't have a clue. Take care, hope you have a good day. Especially since there aren't alot of those.

    LFA Secures Changes in Proposed Qualifications for Social security Disability Benefits


    Persons who are unable to work because of the severity of their lupus may soon find it easier to receive Social Security Disability benefits thanks to efforts by the LFA which began in 2003. The LFA sought changes to the regulations used to determine whether a person qualifies for disability benefits and petitioned the Social Security Administration (SSA) to more accurately reflect in their regulations the medical consequences of lupus.

    In August, 2006 the SSA published proposed changes to the disability regulations. We are pleased to report that they have accepted LFA’s recommendations and they are reflected in the proposed regulations. The highlights of the proposed changes are as follows:

    The current law states that to be determined disabled, a lupus patient must have severe fatigue, fever, malaise, and weight loss. The proposed new rule only requires a patient to have two of these symptoms—not all four. This is a dramatic improvement.

    The proposed rule states in several sections that fatigue can be debilitating, in and of itself, and directs Social Security staff to consider fatigue in making their determination of disability.

    The current law has a requirement that the person must have active disease for at least three months. For lupus patients, this would mean the person must be in a flare for three months. At the recommendation of the LFA, the SSA has removed that requirement.
    The LFA’s goal in seeking these changes is to ensure that the process to receive Social Security Disability benefits is not overly burdensome. Although the proposed changes make it possible for a person who is truly medically disabled to receive assistance, it will still be difficult and time consuming, and may take up to three years to complete.

    While these changes are positive, the proposal is not yet final until the SSA publishes the final regulations. However, we are hopeful final regulations will remain as proposed.
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