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  1. alexbelfast

    alexbelfast Registered

    hi does anyone get this allowance who live in britain
    i am on sickness benefit as i have nto worked in over a year
    but is nto a lot of money
    can i apply for this d.l.a
    does any one know
  2. re dla

    Hello and welcome.
    Im sorry that you have had a hard time not working anymore:sad:
    The answer is yes you can put in a claim for dla.
    Go to the DWP website and there has all the numbers to call for a claim pack.
    You must put your worst day down on the form, otherwise they don't really take much notice.
    I was told i had Lupus 2yrs ago, i put in for dla and was refused 3 times, i was then told to go to a tribuneral to dispute the decision, and they were right i won my case (it took me a year to get it) and they backdate all your benifit from the date they first get you application in.
    I was on the high rate of mobility and the low rate of care, but i now need carers to help me, so they put me upto the high rate of both parts, it can be a lot of money, and you can claim it and it will not affect any of your other benifits, you can claim it in your own right.;)
    I really hope that you get on ok with your claim, let us know how you get on ok?
    Also on the DWP website are the amounts of dla you can claim, with the top rates of both parts of the dla are £455 per 4 weeks.
    Take good care of you and hope that you are feeling a bit better very soon.
    Warm regards to you
    Debbi xoxoxo;)
  3. p.s

    It's a good idea to get your G.P to help you and back you up, or any carers, nurses, doctors or consultants to give you a helping hand with your claim, as you will see you will have to write your consultants name down etc, and they will then get in touch with them re your condition ok.
    Hope you get on well love Debbi xxx
  4. cemc

    cemc Registered

    slightly long reply, sorry

    A lot of people have said that it is very hard to get DLA first go, and this is because it is extremely important to use exactly the right words in your answers. DLA is not about what illness you have, but what the level of disability is and how it affects your everyday life. You really do need someone with experience to help you through the writing of the answers to make sure that the decision maker gets a clear picture and can put the right ticks and crosses in their boxes. In UK, there is usually a disability rights person at each CAB, or there may be a disability liaison person at the local council who can help you with forms. My strongest advice to you would be NOT to fill this in on your own, but ask around and find someone to help you. The second piece of advice would be once you have completed the form, make a summary of it and take it to your GP. GPs may be good at knowing what illness you have and what meds you take, but usually they don't know how it affects you in terms of the DLA. If they don't know, then they can't confirm what you have written and you could get turned down. Taking in the summary means that they know exactly how it affects you, and will probably happily confirm the application. Finally, KEEP A COPY of the whole application. You will need it if you have to appeal, and it is really useful to refer to when you have to renew it next time.
  5. alexbelfast

    alexbelfast Registered

    hi thanks for hte advice i say a different G.p today and she said i should apply for it and should get. she also advised me to to to CAB
    so i have ordered the formk and made an appoint for next week for the CAB will let u know what happens
    thanks again alex
  6. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Dear Alex,
    My Daughter and I both claim this and have had no problems. In the early days I had several examinations at home from DLA Doctors,but they were always fine.Good Luck,
    x Lola
  7. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    Hi Alex,

    I assume your DLA is the equivalent of our SSD program, or permanent disability.

    If so, over here in the US it is helpful to have doctors back you up and even write letters on your behalf.

    I wish you luck with applying and hope you get it.

    I assume you can no longer work again, right?

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