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Disability Living Allowance ?

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by chilli, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. chilli

    chilli Guest

    well.......I DID NOT GET DLA..... i am really peed off about that. I am going to appeal but dont hold out much hope now. Its funny how these things can knock you for six.

    I tried to apply for a community care grant to modify my bathroom and instal a seperate shower unit because getting in and out of the bath is getting ridiculous and i have slipped a few times and as my bath is parallel to a window and i am 2 levels up, i have panics about slipping and falling through it to my death (how very dramatic of me!).........BUT THEY TURNED ME DOWN.

    Theres only so much rejection a girl can take. I am being a sore 'loser' because i have a friend who applied for it to replace things that she had already....and got it and went out and bought something completely indulgent. I know of many people who are getting full dla without any 'real' disabilities and i am sooooooooooooooooo effin mad at the moment.

    i just need to catch my 2nd wind and plan my appeal.

    any ideas???????? i cant really go to the cab, bec. our local one is pants and you have to get up really early to queue for ages without any guarantee of being seen. i have agoraphobia so going out is difficult anyway and staying put any where for any length of time is a problem for me.

    sorry for going on..........
  2. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    No wonder you are upset.
    I don't really know about your condition,but I am like you in that the local CAB are actually not very good. Have a break for a few days , apply for all your paperwork back for your appeal,you could try phoning and asking for an explanation too, but I doubt if they wil tel you much.

    I do get DLA so does my Daughter. If we can help you in any way we will.
    x Lola
  3. DnA

    DnA Registered

    Hi Chilli

    Sorry you didn't get DLA - if you can't use CAB - try your local Welfare Benefits Office, just phone your local council for the number. My hubby used ours, they came round to our house and filled in all the forms and were prepared to accompany us to an appeal, he got approved as soon as the forms were resubmitted by them.

    Also if you need adaptations - have you been in touch with your local Occupational Therapist? I didn't bother wait for a referral, but rang them direct and they came out and left me with a range of aids to make life easier.

    I do understand about DLA - I have had the mobility part for years now as they can't deny I can't walk, but they wouldn't budge on care. I had to move to a specially adapted 'disabled' flat and then they granted it straight away when I reapplied! This makes me angry as my condition hasn't changed, just my address.

    Good luck

  4. goldielocks

    goldielocks Registered

    Hi Chilli
    I've been trying in vain to get DLA as well, i got turned down so i appealed, got turned down again so went to tribunal and got turned down again! I despair i really do. I work full time because theres only me and my son at home so it's up to me to keep a roof over our heads, because i continue to work, they think i cant be that ill. I've tried to explain that im running on empty and somethings got to give soon and im gonna end up in hospital without their help but they dont want to know. It makes me so mad because half of these people at the DLA department who decide if we're entitled to it or not, havnt even got a clue what lupus is or how it affects us. Im going to keep on fighting for it and hope you do too. Good luck and keep me updated.

    Goldie x
  5. chilli

    chilli Guest

    Have sent off my appeal form and was helped by a local advice agency. however, i am thinking that it will have to go to tribunal as there was nothing different in what the agency wrote to the information i gave the dla soooooooooooo i will have to wait and see.............................
  6. weeelizabeth

    weeelizabeth Guest


    hi i also have tried 3 times for dla and been refused,i have sle ctd raynauds,fingers like sausages a broken bone in my foot no one seems to care except other lupus sufferers
  7. chilli

    chilli Guest

    well, i am still waiting for the decision on my appeal for dla........they said anything up to 11 weeks.......which is ridiculous, but thats beauracracy for you.......takes 11 weeks to re-read an application???

    as for my appeal for a ccg to add a shower to my bathroom......well i had a telephone interview with the lady that was looking at my appeal and she said from the start of our conversation that she would uphold the original decision......so thats that.........for now as i WILL re-apply after the required time and ask for different things. Apparently, asking for a shower is considered a 'major renovation' and as such does not qualify? (hmmm) i explained my situation to her and she said i should look elsewhere.

    I am over feeling agrieved now!!!! i will try again and see what other help is available once i re-group.

    to elisabethm- i have not had a tribunal yet..........and im hoping it wont come to that!!!!!!!!!!! yikes.....
  8. baju

    baju Guest

    apply, i also have sle & claim dla for lupus, on the grounds of mobility & pain.

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