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DLA Award

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by jo191070, May 26, 2008.

  1. jo191070

    jo191070 Guest

    Have been sent my award, I am totally confused, they have awarded me lower rate care component and nothing else. They gave it me as I can't prepare a meal, they said i didn't need help getting in and out of bed or bathing. They said I am not entitled to mobility as I can walk more than 50 metres even though I stated on my form that I couldn't, I am totally confused! :mad:
  2. lin

    lin Registered

    then apeal right away, all the best Lin xx
  3. chilli

    chilli Guest

    Definitely appeal.........see if you can get supporting statements from your doctor or whoever helps you. There are advice agencies that can help you as well. It is obvious that they have omitted to include the mobility award so fight on....... sometimes i wonder if they actually read ALL the statements on the form???????

    Good Luck x
  4. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    You can ask to be sent the paperwork so you will be able to see if there are any errors made.
    Wonder why they say you can walk. I am sorry you have to struggle to get what you need, it is hard when you feel bad.
    x Lola
  5. Stacielee1967

    Stacielee1967 Registered


    Sorry to hear you’re having a really tough time! I have been real lucky with DLA, unlike so many others. I was awarded highest mobility and mid care. I told them I had extreme pain when standing and walking was virtually impossible. I had to stop working because I could no longer walk. Have you had to stop working? I have spoken with others who receive DLA and if they are working they don’t get it. One friend is permanently in a wheelchair and she doesn’t get highest mobility because she works but gets highest care because she can’t stand or walk and needs assistance with bathing. I don’t know for sure but it seems to be if you can work you don’t get a mobility rating. It may just be coincidental but that is what it seems like. Appeal your decision! I hope you get DLA! If your family has to assist you apply for the carers allowance!

  6. jo191070

    jo191070 Guest

    I will be appealing i am going to see the Disability Information and support adcviser in two weeks to help me, I no longer work as from yesterday am having to phone benefit line tomorrow!:(
  7. sjink

    sjink Inky

    Hi , I had to appeal my first award when, like you, I got no mobility despite the visiting DLA doctor knowing that I had mobility problems. :mad: I wrote a really strong letter stating my case and saying I was not mobile like they assumed I was. They then awarded me higher rate mobility - so work that one out ;) I said nothing in the letter that had not been said on the form, I don't think they read the supporting page properly.

    But it kept having to be renewed every two years, which if you want a Motability car is useless as you need three or more years at a time to qualify. So after receiving the two years award for the second time I wrote what still reads like a very very angry letter, explaining that lupus was for life, that told them exactly how the pain affected my life and trapped me at home etc etc. and that the stress of constantly having to apply was not a good idea for seriously ill people, I expected it to be ignored but within four weeks got DLA awarded unconditionally.

    The forms were originally filled in with an expert community nurse and she could not work out why they only awarded after follow up letters/appeals. She told me to fill the forms in as if absolutely the worst day was what every day is like.

    But do get expert help/support if you can. A friend got help from Citizens Advice and they sorted out other unemployment type benefits and support for her as she lives alone.

    Good luck. It is a horrible process having to almost "beg" for something you are entitled to but keep at it and you will feel a lot better in the end. I was on a similar support list when I was doing my application, it kept my morale up and kept me going.
    Kind wishes

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