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dla denied!

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by happycrystalmaid, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. happycrystalmaid

    happycrystalmaid Registered

    well they turned me down! apparently I am capeable of cooking a meal for one - which is clever considering I dont use the cooker in case I drop a hot pan on myself, cannot open a tin unless it is ring pull and I use my ring pull gadget, and cant stand long enough to watch things cook and would probably forget they are on if I walk away.

    I can also bath myself which means my hubby must be wasting his time when he helps me get out of it!

    It is irrelevant that I cant shop ( so how am I going to have the food to cook this imaginary meal?)

    There - moan over- now I'll get on with struggling through another day!
  2. Ouchthathurts

    Ouchthathurts Registered

    have you asked them to reconsider their decision? You must ring and ask for a 'written statement of reasons', this will then extend the amount of time in which you can make an appeal.
    I suggest you go to your local CAB office and seek advice from a benefits advisor.
    If all else fails, you can leave it 3 months and reapply. You could ask the CAB to help you with the form filling. They are incredibly helpful............speaking from personal experience.
    Good luck and don't give up, just think about the people who don't deserve it that actually get it. I'll bet they never gave up,
  3. gobbygertie

    gobbygertie Registered

    Sharon, get advice and appeal, don't let them get off paying you what your are entitled to, your quality of life is suffering enough as it is. They are cutting back big time with the financial mess that they got themselves into. Take Care,

  4. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    I'm so sorry for the outcome,.....yes appeal!

    Do you have any dependants?

    Seems so hard the results of all applications?
  5. FamiliarFaces

    FamiliarFaces Registered


    Not from the UK... but I have read somewhere in one of the threads here that it is largely normal for you to get denied the first time you apply in the UK (sorry, I don't remember where it was on the board or I would like it). Then you have to reapply (seems to me to be a waste of time/money on their part) but I would say reapply/appeal until you get what you need!
  6. mooks

    mooks Registered

    they turned me down too..and you know what is surpising is everyone i know with "me" gets it just like that...hmmmm
  7. happycrystalmaid

    happycrystalmaid Registered

    my hubby works in a hostel for the homeless and lots of them get it for anxiety and depression - yet they are far more able bodied than I am, which is why he suggested I applied. It does seem to be a total lottery doesnt it.
  8. Ouchthathurts

    Ouchthathurts Registered

    Adding to those who get DLA for anxiety and depession...... These are very hard to define illnesses and 'hidden', whilst there are genuine claimants there must be many who use it just to get benefits. It's sad that any of us should even consider using our mental state to back-up physical disabilities but perhaps it is a neccessity. Let's face it, a Dr can tell when someone exagerates a bad back etc but not many can spot a menatl illness faker.
    Way of the world...........
  9. happycrystalmaid

    happycrystalmaid Registered

    I wasnt trying to belittle people who have genuine depression - I've suffered from it for years, but there are those who are cheating the system ( and with most that my husband deals with its probably got a lot to do with alcolhol and drug abuse!!!) and then others who are deserving who dont get - but thats the way of the world unfortunately!

    didnt help that the doctor they sent out to see me seemed to have no understanding of the phrase 'brain fog' or that he didnt see that the few movements he made me do left me in bed for the rest of the day with pain and fatigue. But still - I am trying not to become negative about it because that wont help my condition and i've got my first rheumy appointment on weds and want to be positve about that - fingers crossed I may be on my way to a diagnosis and some meds that will help with pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc etc
  10. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Sorry you were refused but it is common on firsta pplication. My neighbour was refused and cant even dress himself, wash himself or speak. The appeal was granted.
    Appeal, and get some help from C.A. B for the appeal
    Good luck with that and your appointment
  11. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Sharon, you are perfectly within your rights if you are examined again to have someone sit in with you, so they can give a witness statement if there is a dispute as to what was said or done. Also you do NOT have to be moved or move yourself in ways which hurt you. If it is something that hurts you can either tell the Doc. you can't do it, or just do it until it is slightly uncomfortable then stop! Some of these Docs are superficially very friendly while doing a rubbish job. Getting hold of the paperwork may well show inaccuracies. My Son had an appalling one when he was a child, full of downright lies. I was later asked to see that Doctor for my own claim and refused I was never sent him again. (Do remember you can ask for a same sex Doctor too if it suits you better).
    On the plus side I have had several good experiences with these visits.

    Going through all the process of listing what you can't do is pretty hard anyway, so I feel for you. I had a Social Services Assessment the other day, first for 6 years-I felt quite odd emotionally for the rest of that day, and I am a long term Patient. I would advise you to try again as the money can make life so much easier, as can a Blue Badge if you qualify. I hope I don't sound smug just because I have these Benefits, they are no substitute for earning a good living. (My Caree r had to stop dead) I got a very low award at first and appealed, my Daughter got a decent award first time although her symptoms were less than mine. I deteriorated anyway and now have a High award for an indefinite period.

    Wishing you all the best, and remember that you are ill even if this experience has made you doubt yourself.
    x Lola
  12. happycrystalmaid

    happycrystalmaid Registered

    Thanks Lola,

    have had to take another sick day from work today :-( and am in no doubt about my illness! I am going to appeal the decision and if still turned down wait the minimum amount of time and apply again. You are right the money wont make the difference to how I feel, but it might make it possible for me to lesson my working hours which would help me tremendously. A blue badge would definitely help me for shopping which I find impossible by myself and difficult even with hubby there.

    thanks for your support, this site is so helpful and friendly I find it a great source of info and support.
  13. Vina-Del-Mar

    Vina-Del-Mar Registered

    Hi Sharon,

    So so sorry you were turned down hun but please don't give up hope. I was turned down, appealed and appealed again and even went to a Tribunal and WON. Hun please appeal it and if you can get someone at the CAB to help you would be advisable.

    With regards to the Blue Badge call your local council and ask them to send you an application form as they issue them. If your GP is unsupportive then you can ask your rheumy or even send copies of letters you may have (letters from rheumy to GP). If you are not receiving copies then ask your rheumy to (cc) you every time he/she reports back to GP. I applied for a Blue Badge before even getting the DLA and enclosed copies of letters because GP was unsupportive. I also explained my physical problems and pleased to say I got given a blue badge. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Good luck hun and keep us updated x

  14. KarenM

    KarenM Registered

    Dear Sharon

    I am so sorry that they turned you down for DLA.

    Something that I was advised with DLA, it is not your medical diagnosis they are interested in particularly, it is how your conditions affect you. With this in mind, and I am so pleased you are going to appeal the decision, give us much supporting evidence as you can. I had the help of CAB Welfare Rights expert, and I really took my time over filling in the forms, I got my consultant and GP to send in supporting letters, after all it was they who encouraged me to seek help, and I filled in the forms honestly and fairly. It took 6 weeks from start to finish and I was astonished and elated, that I was granted an indefinite award first time around.

    I also had information from a very useful online resrouce, if you would like I will PM you the details.

    Good luck.
  15. happycrystalmaid

    happycrystalmaid Registered

    Karen, thanks would love that link :)
    Eve, thanks for your support.

    I really appreciate all the support on here - especially as today am on a low spoon day - seem to have developed a cold/infection on my left side - nose, ear, both rows of teeth and throat- right side no symptoms at all lol
  16. orangelily

    orangelily Registered

    Hi Sharon, you must Appeal..get CAB or DIAL to help you and please do not be down hearted (easier said than done I know).

    Take care and look after yourself

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