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DLA forms sent off, scary Doctors visit!HELP!!

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by ldshrubb, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. ldshrubb

    ldshrubb Registered

    After some advice please. I am in receipt of lower care component of DLA for the last 4 years. This was not easy, had a doctors visit, I thought she was on my side as seemed sympathetic, but turned out this was not the case! I went to appeal, and won lower rate care.

    Fast forward 4 years, and following a nasty episode in November resulting in a hospital stay, and ct scan later, I am still off work, and still suffering. I have altered sensation down left side, fall over a lot, and joint pain most of the time. Finally seeing a neuro on 30/4, but no one seems to know what is wrong, CT and MRI show no abnormality.
    Sooooo, sorry to ramble, have filled in DLA forms, as really need more help. Pretty much housebound as worried of falling while on my own.

    The DLA are sending a doctor to see me, it is the same dr who said I self imposed bed rest on myself! :worried: I really want advice from anyone who has had to go through a home visit, or any advice. I bet in the last 4 years she has managed a life, I feel I have only existed.

    Thanks, sorry to go on x
  2. elisabethm

    elisabethm elisabethm

    Hi idshrubb.Dont get into a state because it is the same one that came the last time.Just tell her to have a look at your notes and medication that you are on now if you are in your bed when she comes then that is not your fault.If she askes you to get out of bed then tell her that she will need to give you a hand as you cant get out youself.Do you have any aids in the house to help you do you have bed rails wet floor shower walking stick or cruchies.If you do then point all that out to her aswell if there someone in the house with you at all times then get them to tell her what you are like on good days and bad.I had two diffrent doctors the first one i was up but she did not send all the paper work back to them so i had another doctor that came out to see me and i was not well so i was not up.I got disability high rate care middle rate i have got mine for life.Hope this helps Good Luck Elisabeth
  3. bugsy

    bugsy Registered

    Hi ldshrubb :wavey:

    It is a very daunting thought when you have a doctor coming from DLA. Its about 5 (ish) years since i last had a medical for DLA and i remember been absolutely scared stupid :eek: when the doctor was due.

    What you have to remember is when you are explaining your disabilities and health problems to this doctor you must explain how you are on your worst day not on an average day.

    When my medical took place i had my husband present as i found it better to have someone there with me, so if possible try and have a partner/family member/friend with you, it did help to relax me alittle having him there.

    If you took a copy of the forms that you filled in then have a good read thru them before the doctor comes as it will help you, try not to miss anything out, also if you feel it will help make a few notes and keep them at hand.

    Finally good luck :luck: with the medical, i hope everything goes well for you and let us know how you get on.

    Take care :hug: Jo :hug:
  4. ldshrubb

    ldshrubb Registered

    Thanks for the advice. I did keep copies of the forms, so I will have a good read through. x
  5. orangelily

    orangelily Registered

    Hi Idshrubb, please do not get worked up, I went through a home visit last year, I made sure that my husband was here. We had a list of all modifications we had made to the house at our own expense, medication, symptoms, hospital letters, doctors letters (please give the Doctor photocopies to put with the paper work).

    She will want to see the medication, get you to move (if you cant DONT).

    Get who ever is with you to take notes of what the Doctor says and the attitude of the Doctor.

    Remember you are entitled to respect.
  6. dixy

    dixy Registered

    I 2 had dr come to house and thought he was on my side as he knew about lupus but how wrong could i b he was no expert must have know someone with mild lupus so was turned down think you need someone to help you fill in the form its how stuff is worded and dont put down when u have better days might look like u getting better. I was turned down 1st time My Gp was so good wrote me letter backing me up. Hang in there just photo copy every thing they also lost mine

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