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DLA mobility and care stopped

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by julie666, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. julie666

    julie666 julie666

    just had decision on my DLA renewal (only taken 4 months).
    i have been refused everything!!!:( at present i get hrm/mrc and have done for 5yrs.
    even though i told them my daughter has to help wash my hair, get me in and out of the bath and help me dress sometimes and that i can walk with crutches which is difficult because my right arm dislocates and i have had blackouts since the age of 11.
    i even put in a detailed letter from my GP backing me up and saying how my finger joints keep locking up so my hands don't work properly,how i have had unexplained blackouts in his surgery and all about my lupus making me swollen and in pain and the fact that it is also affecting my kidneys.
    according to the experts at the DWP if i use suitable aids (crutches) i can walk even if it is very slowly and i have blackouts or dizzy spells so i wont be in any danger if i do go out. as for the care i don't need any help at all.:mad:
    i can only presume the person who made this decision was looking at someone elses claim, couldn't read or just decided no you ain't getting it
  2. Monica3

    Monica3 Registered


    I am so sorry that your renewal was denied/refused. This sounds like a true letdown. I admit that I know little about how the system works as I am new in this country, but I am sure someone will come along and give you some advice about what you might do next.

    Can you appeal the decision? If so, take a breather and get ready for the next round. I am sure this has been exhausting for you.

  3. cally

    cally Registered

    Have you been to the CAB? Try and get an appointment soon at your nearest one and appeal the decision. I believe that you have a set limit of time in which to put your appeal in, so make sure to inform them that you will be appealing. Also go to your GP. Mine was very helpful.

    This sounds like a terrible decision, I know they are clamping down but that seems totally unfair.

    Cally x
  4. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Oh how awful, I am so sorry Julie, it's just so unfair. One piece of advice I can give you is to contact your local MP. I did this when mine was turned down the first time and although they never said it was due to his intervention, and he wrote to me saying he felt they had followed all procedures correctly, the decision was suddenly overturned and I received my award indefinitely. :(

    That's made my mind up for me, I am leaving my claim as it is.

    Take care and good luck. xx
  5. MountainbikeLynne

    MountainbikeLynne Registered

    Hi Julie

    I'm so sorry to hear they've turned you down.

    I'm no expert in any of this, but I echo the other's advice that you should think about claiming. Cally's advice to see the CAB would be a good idea too. Even though your GP has already provided you with supporting evidence, I wonder if they might also be able to help you further? I'm not sure if that is a possibility, but just a thought.

    Please let us know how you get on.
  6. elle-co

    elle-co Registered

    Oh My goodness, I don't understand how they can just do that, you must appeal.
    When I hear about people who very obviously need DLA getting refused, I wonder whether there is a system in place where they have to refuse a certain number of claims.
    There seems to be a large number of people who have to appeal, but I think many of these are successful.

    Good luck with what ever you chose to do

    Elle x
  7. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    I have always thought that Elle, my opinion is that they refuse most first claims in the hope the people who aren't genuinely entitled or even can't cope with the appeal don't bother thus saving the government money.

    Just my two pence-worth!

    I think you should definitely appeal Julie!

    Good luck. x
  8. beebee1

    beebee1 Registered

    Hi julie, my renewal last year was exactly the same. I asked for a reconsideration then contacted my local advice service who wrote to ask for further info as to why dla had been refused. The result was that 3 weeks later they decided that i was entitled to dla for both mobility and care and reinstated it until 2013. I was ill with the stress of it all for 3 months.

    I know lots of people say just go straight for appeal but I think reconsideration is a quicker way to get the ball rolling and I would definitely get some advice from cab or local benefits advisor.

    Good luck

  9. Em1

    Em1 Registered

    I think most CAB offices have a link to a disability advisor - please contact them for advice. Please let the DLA know you will be appealing the decision. More and more people are having to appeal to get what is rightfully theirs - which is very unfair to those people in pain and who suffer in other ways.
  10. julie666

    julie666 julie666

    i should be used to this by now. have been getting mobility and care for last 5yrs. only got that because i appealed last time and won. just annoyed that i have been told because i use suitable aids (crutches) i can walk. also i have to say it is a bit of a laugh being told i am not at risk during potentially dangerous activities does this mean i'm some sort of wonder woman? what is considered a dangerous activity to me it means walking to the shops hoping i don't fall, to others it means different things. if any one can suggest a dangerous activity i can try please let me know then i can let them know next time i renew exactly what i can or can't do.
  11. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Dear Julie, I thoroughly recommend you to look at www.benefitsandwork.co.uk it is a site dedicated to talking you through these claims. Your experience is frightening. Immi has to reclaim soon, I dread it, I am fortunate that my award is indefinite. I bet you don't feel like Wonderwoman! The DLA while not a fortune does make life considerably easier and it is nonsense that you have lost yours.

    Just one small tip, they do like examples of actual harm, eg. I had a blackout in a hydrotherapy pool and had to be pulled out unconscious. Another time I had a fit and during it pulled a cannula out of my arm. Think of acual damage or near misses to use to illustrate your difficulties. I would suggest that if your shoulder girdle is unstable then you cannot walk without severe discomfort even with crutches. Please remember also Severe Discomfort does not mean pushing your limits until you are dropping with fatigue and pain. Just giving you a bit of food for thought. \You do have my sympathy, this is inhumane.
    xxx Lola
  12. louloutinks

    louloutinks Registered

    Hi julie

    I received an email from benefits and work stating that this new 'criteria' will even affect people who use a wheelchair as an aid. They are really being tough with it all now but dont give up. You can either call them for a review (and personally I would send in more evidence to back your claim up) or take it to appeal again and this will give you more time to gather evidence from the relevant professionals.

    Was you on high rate mobility and high rate care - not sure how they think they can drop from that to nothing! Ludicrous. Best of luck x
  13. julie666

    julie666 julie666

    telephoned dla thursday because when i saw my consultant she had to give me steriod injection in my ankle because it is so swollen. she has also put me back on steroids. they told me this info would be passed on and cosidered but i also told them that because my shoulder dislocates i can't use my crutches so i am basically housebound.
    LOULOUTINKS i was getting high rate mobility and middle rate care. this was awarded as a unanimous decision at my last appeal in 2006.
  14. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

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