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DLA Tribunal :rolleyes:

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by claire22, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. claire22

    claire22 Guest

    Hi all,
    I have been refused dla 3 times now and I am due to go to a tribunal hearing in 2 weeks just wondering if anybody has any good tips and/or advice as to what may help !
    I am really struggling and need to be accepted it just seems as though all my problems aren't enough !
    Its madness
    Thanks all
    Claire x
  2. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Dear Claire, I did my Son's Tribunal years ago. Make sure you have as much evidence as you can. Think a lot about your days and nights as you need to be able to show that you need help at intervals throughout the day at least.

    Tribunals are not too formal,so don't worry too much.

    x Lola
  3. Christine UK

    Christine UK Registered

    Well i know a few who have been to these.

    Please tell them about your worst day and how if affects you.
    If you have any care needs let them know that to,also remember they do tend to watch your actions,they said to a friend of mine who has mobility problems...well how did you manage to get here then...

    Be prepared....and take as much time as you need replying fully to what thay ask you..

    good luck..
  4. starangel

    starangel Registered

    i have been to a tribunal claire. I took my husband with me.

    apparently they like to see that you need help to get there!!

    Just remember to tell them your worst days. Dont even tell them you have good days (if you do that is! !) they will focus on that.

    I feel they tend to concentrate on the walking you can do, so tell them your difficulty with walking. It makes sense because when you think about it thats what the mobility component is for. So talk about that.

    The other thing is try to relax, (i wasnt at all relaxed) that way you can think straight and not talk gobbildy gook.!!!!
    Luckily my hubby kept prompting me, so try to get someone to go with you.

    Good luck

  5. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Good luck with the tribunal!

    Remember to wear comfy easy to slip on shoes/sandals (not your posh ones)and if you can do without it do not carry by hand your handbag or wear it over your shoulder, if you need it get your husband to carry it! How you dress for comfort of your illnesses is important on the day. If you suffer from Raynaud etc remember the gloves/hats etc. I think they also observe how prepared you are naturally for all the problems/pains/events etc you need to deal with when you go out and about . If you use any walkings aids - remember to take with you and same with any meds or cream ointments!

    I think pride sometimes gets in the way of benefits. We all like to put on our best face and outfit but that is not what they want to see or hear at a tribunal.

    Sorry if advise may sound harsh or picky but I would compare a tribunal to an important job interview and you have to go prepared for the job - in this case that you are entitled to benefits!

    Stay strong, try not to get stressed and good luck!

    Love Lesley
  6. elle-co

    elle-co Registered

    Hi Claire,

    sorry to hear you have been refused so many times. It seems to be a bit of a postal lottery when it comes to DLA claims.
    Quite often we get so used to having to deal with problems that they
    become the norm, and then we don't think to mentain them. When I was filling in my forms I had a close friend check them to get another opinon. she pointed out that I had missed out things like not being able to tie my shoe laces properly. I had adapted to this months before by wearing slip on shoes, so I hadn't even thought to mention it, yet it is a strong indicter to how bad my mobility is. Also I thought that I was very capable of making a meal, only for my friend to point out that this is only possible if I use ready mashed pototos or ready chopped veg ect.
    Have a good look at how you have had to adapt your lifestyle and be brutally honest about how lupus has affected you.

    Good luck
    Elle x
  7. claire22

    claire22 Guest

    Accepted !!!

    Hey all,
    Thankyou so much for all your advise , I went to the tribunal yesterday it was awful the guy questioning me was rude and wouldn't let me finish my sentences how frustrating but anyway... I was awarded High Rate Mobility and Medium Rate Care Component so very happy.
    Just wanted to let you all know and thank you for the tips
    Claire x

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