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DLA useful web sites to help in claiming

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by wheeliefab, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. wheeliefab

    wheeliefab Registered

    ...................... [ Edited :The first two links aren't working any more so I have deleted them. CT]
    Also this site with info on people with ME may be relevant to those who have extreem fatigue http://ayme.org.uk/article.php?sid=16&id=216

    Good luck to anyone making a claim, I know it seems depressing to say all the things you can't do/ how bad lupus can be (particularly for those who like to stay positive about their health condition) but remember to tell them what it's like when you are at your worst, and when describing variations from day to day use the phrase "on my better days" rather than "on good days" or they assume you are fine on "good days".
  2. Suze

    Suze Guest

    This is very useful ta I am off to Job Centre tomoz to see if I can get anywhere. I was unsuccessful the first time but now finding it very hard to get back to work as having chemo for kidney failure. Might have more luck this time!?

    Lupus can be just as serious as cancer! :mad:
  3. raspberry

    raspberry Registered

    DLA links

    Unfortunately, I have just clicked on the above links and found that niether work. :(

    Did not know if you were aware of a problem.
  4. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    aye.org is only link I can access!

    Thanks for links anyway - any extra info is always good!

  5. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Thanks for letting me know Lesley and Raspberry.
  6. kathy37

    kathy37 Guest

    ive just logged on and i was very interested in what i read as ive applied for the d l a for my daughter it took three attempts but cause i put down she cant walk very far and needs oxygen as when required they alowed her the higher rate mobility and now ive just applied for the d l a as my daughters has deteriated she cant properly do things on a bad day she needs me to be here has the lupus has affected her heart and lungs so im just hoping she gets the d l a this time i dont see why not as she has got worse
  7. sue123

    sue123 Registered

    ive applied for this three times now and been turned down, although ive only got lupus discoid i am exhaused most of the time, tired, dizzy, weak and get aching limbs, at the moment i feel like ive done a ten mile marathon and ive only walked down the stairs lol, anyway ile keep trying.

    thanx xxxx
  8. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

  9. lillydapink

    lillydapink Registered

    I know how you feel sue i have discoid lupus and suffer from the same symptoms, people thing its just a skin condition but there is alot more to it. A simple task like doing the shopping wipes you out for the rest of the day,i have applied for DLA and am going to a tribunal soon i will let you know how it goes.
  10. Claire Murphy

    Claire Murphy Registered

    I've applied for it for my daughter and she's been refused clearly these people have no clue. She doesn't have the same quality of life as other 16yr olds as after school she has to sleep. She also has von wilibrands disease but even bleeding for unto 20days of the month means her life is the same as other 16year olds. I don't think so so I'll keep fighting for her x
  11. Skelping face

    Skelping face Registered

    Dla in Scotland can be claimed until 2014 just to let every1 know !

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