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Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by naz, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. naz

    naz Registered

    Just been refused DLA aperntly I don't fit the criteria. I don't understand my consultant gave a good report. I feel so I'll yet I carnt afford to take time off work as I carnt afford it. Is there light at the end off the tunnel for me.
  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hello naz,

    I think that, in all countries, it is pretty much standard procedure to refuse a first application for DLA (maybe they just think people will give up).

    A lot of people here have had to apply at least twice but that is very much worthwhile and needs doing. I think also (and you may have already done this) that getting help from experienced 'form fillers' is also quite important. I'm sure other members could point you in the right direction for the UK for that.

    Please don't give up, you have a right to that help - often much more of a right than many already receiving it.

    hugs :hug:

  3. donna kosk

    donna kosk Registered

    i put in for DLA in january this year and got it the first time,i got low rate care didnt get mobility but C.A.B ask me to appeal but i said no i got it for 1year but i didnt think that i would get it.try C.A.B they was good with me and also they can send some1 to your home to do the forms with you.

    best of luck and keep trying

  4. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    I am in the USA and so I am not sure how your system works. Here, most get denied first time out and a lot of times the second time too. Once you hire a attorney it seems that the approval comes after that. Not sure why but that is how it works here a lot of the time.

    Don't give up and maybe a consult with a good attorney is in order here. Good luck and try not to get too frustrated.
  5. KarenM

    KarenM Registered

    Hi Naz

    I am sorry you got refused your DLA, as has been said, this is not uncommon unfortunately, and even with the best written consultant evidence, sometimes refusal is given.

    I applied for, and got DLA first time around, but I had a plethora of assistance in filling in my forms, CAB, GP, etc.

    I can if you wish, PM you privately a wonderful UK based website that helps with DLA applications and appeals, you only have a short window of opportunity to appeal the decision, and there are steps you have to follow.

    There is a one off joining fee, but I honestly dont think I would have succeeded without all the assistance I sought.

    Let me know.
  6. Lupo30

    Lupo30 Registered

    Dear Naz

    Don't give up! They refused me 3 times and then all of a sudden changed their minds. Hmm. Be strong.

    Lupo30 xx
  7. jellyjazz

    jellyjazz JellyJazz

    I'm sorry you didn't get DLA first time. I think i was really lucky with mine. I had a lot of help with different people from my OT at hospital to my GP and Rheumy writing reports to back up evidence and providing medical eveidence.

    Sending good luck wishes for your appeal/next time you apply. xx
  8. orangelily

    orangelily Registered

    Hi please do not give in, contact DIAL who are fantastic, they will complete all forms for you.

    I contacted them when applying and was awarded higher rate.

    Im sure that the pen pushers who assess the applications are under pressure to cut back on awarding benefit.

    So please contact DIAL (look in the phone book for your local office) and ask them for their assistance.```````

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