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Downing street reply to petition for lupus funding

Discussion in 'Lupus News, Awareness and Research' started by Katharine, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

  2. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    Interesting article Katharine. Obviously it does not apply to us here in the USA but certainly seems like a good thing for the folks in the UK. I admit I don't understand it all but from what I gather this is a positive for all of you, right?
  3. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Thanks for this link Katharine :)

    Here's the gist of it, although it does respond to the wording of the petition

    Yakkety yack, blah blah blah.
    See, lupus doesn't kill and is easily controllable with initial aggressive treatment.

    No more than 18 weeks for referral appointment ! What a fantastic service. Back on Planet Earth in the grim mean streets of Realityville, you then have a three months wait for blood test results and starting treatment, then maybe a year for next follow up! Assuming you have the luck to get a specialist who knows what he's doing and the luck to see the same person the next time etc etc.
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Yes, it is rather non committal and oh so glossed-overish isn't it :(
  5. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Typical political non committal answer as far as I am concerned. I wrote to my MP to ask why we loupies are not exempt from prescription charges he sent it of to the department of health... all I got was some rubbish about research absolutely nothing to do with the question that I asked!!! Typical politician!

  6. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    :rotfl:Clare your summary so makes me laugh...and we have to laugh or we'd cry!!!

  7. nattykins

    nattykins Registered


    Just want to add, that where i live i think they've never heard of lupus!!!

  8. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    First 2 paragraphs of the response:

    Hmmm...I don't agree with Lupus being a well-understood condition by those Lupus medical professionals out there in our world!
  9. mooks

    mooks Registered

    yeah i thought it was bull... maybe cameron will do better ive seen him wearing a st thoms lupus wrist band x

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