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ESA - Interview with Personal Advisor

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Lupo30, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Lupo30

    Lupo30 Registered


    I've got an interview soon with the Personal Advisor as I've been put into the WRAG for ESA. I have written for reasons to start my appeal but think they are overwhelmed with numbers of people questioning their decisions. My question is has anyone gone to these interviews? If so, were they any help or did they feel as if they were being asked to do things that they felt they were not capable of due to their health. They say in the letter that it is with a personal advisor who has full training but I doubt he/she will have a full understanding of my conditions. Anyway, any feedback would be helpful.

  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator


    I am sorry I can not help you so I am bumping this thread so everyone will see it.
    Good luck. :luck:

    Take care,
  3. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Hi Lupo30,

    I have only been once, all other times I have been (genuinely) too ill to attend and have told them so, and it has been fine with no comebacks for not attending. The interview itself was a total waste of my time and theirs and the guy who interviewed me was, frankly, patronising to say the least and really didn't have a clue to how my condition affects my daily life or any empathy with me at all really.

    Good luck if you decide to attend and I would be very interested to hear if my awful interview is typical of what we should expect -- I certainly hope not but have a feeling it might be, sadly.
  4. Lupo30

    Lupo30 Registered

    I will let you all know. Thanks for your reply. Lupo30
  5. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    I hope you get on ok at your interview. Maybe you could take along some easy to understand information in case the interviewer doesn't know about the condition? There are some good fact sheets on the main site. I have done this when having access to work interviews and discussions with management. I often think that as I've found the condition tricky to understand, there's not a great hope that people who have never heard of it will get it either!
    Good luck,
  6. wheeliefab

    wheeliefab Registered

    I went to one meeting whilst awaiting my appeal to be put in support group.
    The woman I had was very nice and supportive.
    I told her from offset that I had been retired due to ill-health, and that being in WRAG was detrimental to my health (and on that grounds I was undergoing appeal to be in ESA support group).
    She was sympathetic, took my previous employment history, asked about my symptoms/disabilities/what prevented me working.
    She told me she did not think there were any suitable WRAG courses for me to do, that it was obvious I had work based skills and would work if I was well enough to do so. Interview ended and she told me not to worry, that she would review my case after my appeal, and in future if I needed any interviews with her that they could be done by telephone

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