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ESA problems

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by TracyJN, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Tracy, my fingers are crossed for you that the appointment went well.

    Time to rest :) and take things easy!
  2. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    well done.thats good news that you been seen by actual doctor.........should make a big big idea im afriad how long...........good luck.

  3. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Jess, Lesley & Lass. So glad to have no other plans for this week, exhausted now, the medical really took it out of me. I will try to relax and not worry about the outcome.

  4. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered


    Got the news today, it's a partial success...been granted ESA which is great and I have a nice little bit of back-pay to come. However they have put me in the WRAG (work related activity group) & I feel I should be in the support group for the time being so I am appealing the decision.

    Feel like I am halfway there now, if that makes sense?! And it's a big weight off my shoulders with Christmas coming up. :)
  5. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Hi Tracy,

    Good news :).

    I would make sure you keep a diary until the WRAG starts of all the GP appointments, why you are there - if those issues would have caused you to be signed off work if your were indeed in work still :). Then when you are at/on the couse, remember, if you are unwell..ring in sick (can't manage to go), still go to the GP, cancel the course, get a GP note etc to excuse you :) like a sick note.

    Perhaps you'll win the appeal :) which will be excellent news, then you won't need to an of the above (make sure you get your GP to help with the big sick note required :) )!
  6. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Lesley, that's great advice, especially the diary, I wouldn't have thought of doing that. :)
  7. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    Yay on esa.....congratulations..........ohh not so good on work group..............great idea the group be much more helpful like say appeal...........go for it hun......
    they sure like stress us.hugs
  8. pippa10

    pippa10 Registered

    Hi Tracy, that good news about the back pay at least. Your system over there is a lot different that ours hear. I have an invalidity pension that I was awarded two years ago. It's not a lot of money but there are extra benefits like free public transport (not that I am able to use it often). There's only 4 euro of a difference between my payment and short term payment. Are you on a pension now or are you still on short term payment.
  9. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    I am not on the short term one now I have passed the medical and been officially labelled unfit for work at the present time. However, the group I have been put into is the one where they try to encourage you back into work so it's kind of an "in between". I am appealing as I feel I should be in the support group which is where it is accepted I am unlikely to be able to work. I am not saying I will never be able to work again, but for the foreseeable future removing the pressure of having to return to work at some point can only be beneficial to my health I feel. ESA seems to me to be a very complicated benefit!
  10. Fiona30ni

    Fiona30ni Registered

    Well done Tracy. I have all this ahead of me again. Just received my ESA50 today for renewal. I have been in the WRAG group over a year now after passing a very stressful medical. i have to have the form returned by 4th january 2012. This time I will take my time in completing it.
  11. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Fiona, I spoke to them again today to ask them to reconsider the decision before I fill the appeal form in. What was the WRAG group like? Did they call you in much?
  12. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi Tracy
    Brilliant news at last; I'm so pleased for you. One battle won, now hopefully you'll win the really is your turn for some good news after the months you've had. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you again.
    Take care,
  13. Fiona30ni

    Fiona30ni Registered

    Hi Tracey
    I havent been called once lol either they forgot about me or I have been very very lucky. I did go through a Functional Capacity evaluation assessment by my Life Insurance and passed it, so today I rang them to send me a copy of the report so I can send it along with my renewal form.

  14. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Jess! x

    Fiona, I think you must have been very, very lucky as I got a phone call today to make an appointment to go to the Job Centre. I was honest and said to them that I wasn't up to any work related activity at the moment, that I had 2 hospital appointments next week which will completely wipe me out and that I am appealing the decision anyway. They said it was fine and if I wanted to change my mind and go and see them to call them back but otherwise wait and see what the outcome of the appeal is first. Can't believe how quickly they "pounced" on me....less than a week since the award. I think it's a really good idea to send the report. Hopefully you'll end up in the support group.
  15. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    No longer valid...thread is four years old
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