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  1. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    This is good paper much better can see questions etc,and get friend cab if possible help you fill it in..good luck for claim hun.sorry see sick pay ending..........take care
  2. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Lass. x

    Goodness knows how long it will take for the form to come!
  3. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Well the form came today alongside another letter from my employer: my SSP doesn't end until 5th July, the last letter was sent in error! So I have just over 2 months before I have to claim. :)
  4. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi Tracy
    That's good news - at least you won't have to rush to get your form in. Good luck with it all the same.x
  5. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    few thats a relief not ending till July gives u time to apply for other one,ha ha form arrived.we were just saying wernt we how long will they take send it.....good luck.
  6. liveseymum

    liveseymum Registered

    Hi Tracy,
    Just a word of advice, please get either CAB/ citizens advice... or welfare rights to help you fill in the forms, they will come to your home (mine did). And fill both ESA and DLA forms. Also, if u are unsuccessful in either/ both forms , they will help you with appeals if need be.
    I wish you well in both ESA and DLA, sorry to hear about your much loved job, i was in same situation when i lost my job.

    again, best of luck XXX
    Tracy (spelt same too lol )
  7. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks Tracy,

    Thanks for your advice, I have already done the DLA one, In haven't sent it off yet, I am just so terrified of losing what I already have - low rate care and high rate mobility. Having the car has made a massive difference to me & in this current climate I am so scared of losing it. 3 of my close friends are each writing a statement about me to send with the form so I am waiting on those.

    Hopefully I won't need to but I will bear your advice in mind if I need to appeal, and of course when I fill in my ESA form.

  8. cally

    cally Registered

    Tracy, remember now that you have seen the specialist and have a much 'firmer' diagnosis and much better treatment at home I think it is highly unlikely they would take away your care. The doctors have told you you need to be at home working, so they would be more than willing to write to the 'decision makers' to that effect. It is really scary when you are reliant on something and the possibility that it might be taken away but you are entitled to it and really need it to help look after yourself. Try not to stress.

    Cally x

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