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Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by tha, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Hate to say this but I eat a lot of curries anyway and still feel diabolically ill! I would never criticise anyone for trying things and sharing their experiences, but I do feel a bit sensitive on this subject as I take a lot of mediacations, it has taken years to get them balanced, also I am a positive person who does everything to help herself and I still feel ill. Life isn't always simple or fair!

    Ps Also some Doctors lose incentive to help if we are using other therapies as they take it as a vote of "no confidence" the risks of damaging one's credibility with Consultants needs to be considered.

    Best Wishes to all,
    x Lola
  2. tha

    tha Registered

    Hi friends,
    Thank you for your responses. Last week I was writing a reply during lunch time at work when one of my coworkers phoned (we are working on the same project) and I guess I didn’t click the reply button properly as I don’t see it here.
    I’m glad thing are working well for some of you. I was not lucky during that critical time. The damage was so advanced that hospitals + the medicines didn’t help me much. The joint pain was tremendous! Being crippled and fatigued made me feel I was dying….and my doctor also said there is no cure for lupus. I started using turmeric and came back to see him 2 more times in that yr. I also told him about turmeric and he said I was in remission. I also thought I had been in remission until lately. Thank God my husband and my Mom helped me a lot during the darkest time of my life…. Thank you for your friendships and supports. Take care.

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