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Feeling depressed :-(

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by mishmash, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. mishmash

    mishmash Registered

    Hello all,

    I'm not sure if I'm after advice, here to rant, I do t really know so apologies.

    I have gone back into a flair so do t know if it's that, that is making me feel so low. It's so hard to know what's symptoms, what's side effects or what really isn't related at all.

    Have started course of steroids so hopefully they will kick in soon.

    I just feel like crying all the time, I'm making excuses that I don't want to see or speak to people, including the family. I feel so vulnerable and rely so heavily on my husband to the point I get upset when I not with him. I really don't want to be that dependant on anyone.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to pull themselves out of this sinking sand.

    I'm also going through fertility testing which too makes me stressed and upset at a lot. I just feel like I'm drowning at the moment.

    I'm sorry for ranting. Complaining or whatever I'm doing, just feeling awfully alone at the moment.

    Thanks all xxx
  2. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    Rant as much as you like - it's what we are here for, and it's something that most of us have done at some point :) You poor thing, you are going through it aren't you - depression/anxiety is a horrible thing to deal with - it's anxiety with me and I do have courses of tablets for it from time to time. Have you thought of trying medication for depression? I expect other members will be along with their advice soon. Just remember that you are not alone, we are all here to help.

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  3. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi mashmash
    Please don't apologise, your post wasn't anywhere near a rant and anyway, you're entitled to with the way you're feeling. Regardless of whether it's due to symptoms or side effects, what you're feeling is real and you shouldn't ignore it and try to struggle alone. It's great that you've posted this as it shows that you've realised you need something, be it support or advice. Does your husband know how you feel and have you spoken to your doctor about it? I think it would be a good idea to do this so that the doctor can help you out, I bet your husband would support you by going along to the appointment with you.

    I hope you're able to get an appointment soon. I've also found this page on the main forum that may be of interest to you https://www.thelupussite.com/lupus_symptoms/depression.html
    Take care
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  4. mishmash

    mishmash Registered

    Thank you for your replies and support. It really is a help when people at least understand. So thank you xx

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  5. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    You have a lot going on with a flare, fertility testing and steriods thrown into the mix. Give yourself some time to heal from the flare and adjust to all that you are going through. Have you got someone you can talk to? Explain to your husband how you are feeling.

    Take care.
  6. Smile Of Life

    Smile Of Life Duncan

    If you can, force yourself to get out of the house. When you are down, simply getting out and about can help, but you have to force yourself to do it. It distracts and gives you other things to appreciate and think about. Also, often when I am feeling exhausted, I am always surprised how much better I feel after I've made myself get out to do something small outside. Try it if you can.
    And always come here to vent any time!
    Good luck!
  7. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Mishmash, just before Xmas not only did I have the worst flare of my lupus since I was first diagnosed, but I was also hospitalised with acute sinusitis. A double whammy.

    I had to up my steroids as I had to come of methotrexate due to being on antibiotics for the sinusitis. I was on a win and lose. Lose and win situation!

    But a good dose of rest, love, films and football saw me through the pain and annoyance.

    You have to see it through but at the same time do something sensible you enjoy. I say sensible as I enjoy surfing and playing football :roflmao::thumbsup:
  8. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    Mishmash, how are you feeling now?
  9. mishmash

    mishmash Registered

    Hello all.

    Thank you for your support as always.

    I'm starting to feel a little better from my flare which is making me feel more positive. Think the steroids are doing their job. Still trying hard to be positive which is sometimes exhausting but getting easier by the day. I'm Still getting a bit tearful throughout the day and not feeling very sociable but definitely finding my way through it. My husband is a massive support to me which I'm so grateful for.

    Thank you for checking in.

    Hope you are all doing ok. Xxxx

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  10. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    Glad that you are feeling just that little bit better - onwards and upwards :)
  11. wolf1

    wolf1 Registered

    Glad you are feeling a little better. It is hard when you feel like that but it does lift. It's great you have your husbands support, that's half the battle when you have someone there for you. Hope you feel better soon.
    Take care

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