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floaty kidney?anyone heard of this?

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by julsie, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. julsie

    julsie Registered

    Hi,I thought this might be a good place to ask.I am having a lot of pain from my kidney.A few years ago I had a scan and apparently my kidney is in the wrong place,in my abdomen actually:( I think the ligaments that held it in place must have snapped or something.So I can feel my kidney just below my last rib at the front(makes me feel a bit queasy)and right now it is causing considerable pain.The urologist called it a 'floaty kidney'.I wondered if anyone else has this because I thought it might be linked to a connective tissue disorder?
    If anyone has,have you had any complications?I wanted it put back in place but the urologist said to leave it be.Hope someone knows what I'm on about!
  2. cath

    cath Registered


    Here is a definition and the scientific name for a floating kidney.


    There seems to be debate among the medical community of its significance and treatment. Most of the articles I found by Googling were unreferenced and written at least 50 yrs ago - ie trollop:( .

    In some people the ureters can become kinked by the sagging of the kidney from its usual position causing pain and haematuria. This needs treating of course. In many people though it is asymptomatic apart from the fact that knowing about it causes people to worry and develop neurosis about it.

    I couldn't find any link between lupus and nephroptosis.

    All the best:blush:

    X C X
  3. Raglet

    Raglet Registered

    scans do sometimes pick up misplaced organs that people have been unaware of - my mother has her appendix up by her liver she discovered when she was having tests for something else. I have a double set of renal arteries on each side (nothing to do with lupus, I was just born that way) which was also found during a scan for something else.

    I have not heard of floaty kidney as being related to lupus - actually I have never heard of it at all. Frustrating that you couldn't get some more infomation from the doctor though - who ordered the test ? Are you going to see them to discuss the results ?


  4. mmair

    mmair Guest

    I have an anomaly as well "Dextrocardia Inversa". It has no consequence except when I am hooked to an ECG machine (or need defibrillation) then the leads need to be reversed. Other than that, sometimes the radioolgist looking at the x-rays thinks the tech put the markers for "right" and "left" on the wrong side!:hehe:

    If you are having pain then this should be looked into. It may have nothing to do with your kidneys, but something else. And when it is coming from the kidney, it is probably something other than the misplacement (eg. infection, injury) Is your pain related to anything specific, like when your bladder is full, or after eating, or exercising? Is this just on one side or both?

  5. julsie

    julsie Registered

    Thanks for the info Cath,I've found it extremely hard to find anything about it.
    Raglet,I was told about it twelve years ago.I went to the doctors because I could feel a lump in my side.She thought it was muscle but an ultrasound showed otherwise.The urologist just said to leave it alone ,which I didn't think was great as it's always been a bit uncomfortable,especially when it gets squashed under my ribs:eek:uch:
    Monique,I will get it looked at because it is getting more painful.I know it's the kidney though because I can feel it and over the years have often had to give it a gentle shove back in.It's the one on the right.Hopefully,I shouldn't have an infection as I was tested recently,but I still can't go anywhere without needing to pee!
    thanks for the replies,
  6. jenjenn

    jenjenn New Member

    THIS IS ME EXACTLY!!!! Are you still active on here? Can I ask you some questions???

  7. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi jenjenn and welcome to the forum.

    Julsie hasn't been active on the forum since last year. It might be better for you to introduce yourself and create your own post to see if any other members have similar experiences to share with you.
    Best wishes,

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