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Foundation Makeup

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by mississippi girl, May 27, 2009.

  1. mississippi girl

    mississippi girl Registered

    Has anyone found a foundation makeup that will cover up red blotches on the face. My cheeks stay red and blotchy and the foundation I use has to be put on heavy to cover and really don't even do a good job then.
  2. LoopyLoo

    LoopyLoo Registered

    Hi there,

    I use Lancome Teint Idole which was recommended by someone else here. She had bad discoid lupus and she posted before and after pics.

    I use the very lightest shade as I found the rest too much. I also use YSL Radiant Touch concealer to cover any bad bits. Both can be expensive so I tend to buy on eBay or ask family and friends to buy them for birthdays or Christmas.


    Pam x
  3. tbunny1

    tbunny1 Registered

    I use Dermablend, which I buy online. It is used as a concealer underneath your normal foundation, which helps blend it in better. Only down side is you have to custom blend your shade each time. It comes in three tubes - light, med, and dark, - and you mix the right shade in the palm of your hand. Not a problem, once you figure out what that proper mix is.
  4. alimonkey

    alimonkey Registered

    I really like powder based formulas - I find the Body Shop's All in one face base to be really good. My 'butterfly rash' is basically bright red cheeks and I find the Body Shop powder really evens out my skin tone and makes it look much more even.
  5. K.Grams

    K.Grams Guest

    Hi Miss.Girl!

    Even though it is expensive I would advise you to atleast try Bare Minerals. I have tried
    a countless number of cover-ups and foundations that never stayed and didn't even do
    their job and "cover-up"..but Bare Minerals definately works. I have a pretty gnarly butterfly
    rash most of the time and it covers it up all together it makes my skin look perfect. Also if you sweat like I do it's the perfect foundation for that because it will not drip off and it
    will stay all day.

    Good luck to you!
  6. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    I have found Revlon's Colorstay very good indeed. It is heavier than I would ideally like but the need for camouflage comes first. I have very red rough patches under my eyes and on my jaw lines and a very damaged upper lip edge. When I was living in the USA I got it from a chain pharmacy who were willing to take back an unsuitable shade but I soon found a couple of shades that suit me
    I can get it in the UK but there's a very limited range of shades compared with USA where every skin colour imaginable seems to be catered for. Here it is limited to fair/medium skin tones. It is about £13 in the UK and I keep my eye out for offers and stock up. Last lot, I got 3 for price of two at Boots. Since a good camouflage make up will even out the natural changes in skin tone giving a dead pan look I also make judicious use of a blusher.
    I sometimes brush powder on top,and a mineral one is good.

    This goes on top of my 'Sunsense' sunscreen by the way which makes a really good base for it. It can be reapplied on problem areas and the really good thing about it is its staying power. It doesn't come off when you sweat if you blot don't wipe and also doesn't come off all over everything you touch. If it gets round a neckline it will need treating with a special like Vanish. I usually take it off with soap and water as normal cleansers don't work well though I have found one that does work well. It has to be applied carefully.

    I am going to try the Lancome stuff though and will report on it. :) I found the Dermablend too thick and heavy for very fine, very damaged skin and hard to get the right shade.

    Good Luck

  7. shelleylouise

    shelleylouise Registered

    hi there
    I use a pure mineral foundation (which I buy from ebay as its much cheaper than in the shops),it covers really well without caking or clogging your skin & it looks really natural & blends in a treat,I find it tones my cheeks right down & covers it really well,I would highly recomend it.
  8. oesa

    oesa Lisa_S

    I use the Smashbox Photofinish green primer over my regular sunscreen/moisturizer, and then a tinted moisturizer (I have really dry skin, and I don't like too much coverage.)

    I don't have a raised rash, just redness.

    Putting something green on my face seemed weird at first, but it does tone down the redness really well. And it hides fine lines too, which is a nice bonus!

  9. Jen79

    Jen79 Guest

    There is wonderful makeup that covers up well that dermo recommended that you can purschase online called linda seidel cosmetics. I just went online and purschased some foundation and powder. It is for people that have skinflaws . They even have kits that you can start out with to find shade or blend that you are looking for. I use it everyday even if i don't have any rashes......

  10. Audreymc

    Audreymc Guest

    I use elizabeth arden flawless finish in gentle beige it comes in a black compact, covers everything!!! blackness undereyes and red can get it from savers semi chem watt bros for around £10 it lasts for ages...People always tell me how young i look for 40...they should see me before i pt it on!!!! this stuff works wonders.
    My skin is very red and purple and i have sucessfully returned my arms to normal colour after laser treatment on the NHS it took a long time but the results are fantastic..legs next...
  11. pearless

    pearless Registered

    I use eucerin cream first than cover girl liquid and powder next. I only use make up if I absolutely have too though.
  12. WanePoetic

    WanePoetic Registered

    I've got to second bare minerals. It's a powder, so it doesn't feel as heavy as a liquid... And you can lay it on thick for solid coverage, or thinner if you're having a good skin day.

    Wait! I've got before and after pictures... I did a 1940's make up tutorial article. (Husband and I go to swing dances..) Granted, this was a VERY good skin day, it's not usually so nice... But you can see what it does for my horrendous dark circles.
  13. alimonkey

    alimonkey Registered

    I could never get application right with bare minerals. I have really good brushes (MAC) but I just always ended up looking like Data off Star Trek. Really disappointed as I really wanted to get on with it. Maybe I picked the wrong colour? Might try and get a sample pack again.
  14. WanePoetic

    WanePoetic Registered

    The starter kit should come with the right brushes for it. And don't quote me, but I believe you are supposed to pick a foundation just SLIGHTY lighter than your skin. (Hard for me. Might as well just grind up some chalk.)
  15. I use the medium coverage, liquid, MaryKay foundation after using a shade lighter concealer. I then set it with the mineral powder. I find it helps not only cover blemishes but the redness.
  16. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Mr rash ( permanent ) is on the v of my neck and very visible
    I am going to a wedding next weekend ( I hope ) and ahve a lovely dress I want to buy but the neck is lower than I normally wear as I always try to hide it.
    Would any of you suggest anythink which may help to cover it up as it looks so bad ? I dont want to wear a high neck as this dresss is so pretty and as I am so happy to be thin at the moment would like to make the most of it.
  17. Aggie69

    Aggie69 Registered

    Same here. I've tried loads of foundations but this is the one that works miracles for me when I get bad flares. Covers it all. In the hot weather I find it works even better if kept in the fridge.
  18. Aggie69

    Aggie69 Registered

    Same here. OK stuff when my skin is almost clear but never quite works during a flare up with scaly patches or open sores.
  19. lady_redhead

    lady_redhead Registered

    You could combine some concealer and foundation (thicker consistancy)then stipple it on using a makeup sponge.

  20. idoodle

    idoodle Guest

    Could I ask how you managed to get laser treatment on the NHS? I have had SLE since I was 8, and after many years working with computers my face & chest aretotally scarred and red & patchy. I also have terrible thread veins due to all the steroid cream. I hate the way it looks, and find it really affects my life.

    How did you go about getting treatment, and is it readily available on the NHS?

    Thanks in advance :)

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