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Foundation Makeup

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by mississippi girl, May 27, 2009.

  1. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    I find that using Jafra foundation works well for me. If I need any top finishing, I like Physician's Formula finishing powder on top. The Jafra products can be purchased online or from a local dealer.
    I love their "optimeyes" mosturizer and their daily facial moisturizer too. It soaks in and renewes the look of facial skin.
    Use the foundation on top of the moisturizer.
  2. clf6

    clf6 Registered


    Hi! I'm new to the site and was just diagnosed about a month ago. Between the steroids and the actual skin issues with lupus, I feel less than attractive. I found a great makeup line though. It was actually created by someone who has lupus, and knows what we need! It's Nicole Paxston:

    They only sell in the US right niw, but hopefully this will be helpful!

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