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Fundraising for lupus awareness month - your help please

Discussion in 'Lupus News, Awareness and Research' started by granny weatherwax, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Hi All

    Well after doing race for life I thought I would bit the bullet and do my bit for Lupus in October by arranging a beach walk! I must be insane.

    I was hoping to write to some of our drug company reps at work to see if I could get some sponsorship (no harm in asking). I also have some contacts in the local press through work and other things and thought they may give me some publicity hence raising awarness of Lupus to the general populus!

    The question to you all is what should I put into the letter / write up to higlight to them what lupus means to us Lupies? I would be grateful of your imput! I am hoping that some of my husbands horsie friends (and their horses) will take part too and help raise lots of money!

  2. sam101360

    sam101360 Registered


    Maybe by explaining that if there was more resach done about Lupus perhaps they would find new drugs to treat it, and how that would help the pharmasutical industry?

    Hit them where it counts...the pocket book!

  3. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Sorry should have explained it would be the drug company reps on the veterinary side not the human side... but hey at the end of the day they are all actually 2 halves of the same company! It might make them sit up and listen.
  4. Parkesy

    Parkesy Guest

    Hi in general any fundraiser in the press for Lupus is great, Im doing one in October this year with local press coverage including BBC Radio & BBC TV News so it should be a good one,

    I think point out to them that it is a fundraiser for Lupus & there will be press coverage (if you can get it) and how that would look so good in their company portfolio, after all in their corporate brochure they could have a picture from the fundraiser showing that they do their bit

    Its how ive got a few companies to sponsor me:)
  5. cath

    cath Registered


    Maybe you could remind them that animals get lupus too, and that vets and doctors are always learning from each other:bunny::bunny:

    Also mention that lupus affects young adults and that improvements in treatments translate directly into better employment and productivity.

    The frequency of occurence is about 1:1000, so it is medically "common". This is important because it affects many people therefore there are
    1. Good sales to be made from new drugs
    2. Larege numbers of people who can potentially be helped.

    Good for you and well done~


    X C X
  6. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    All I wanted to say was "well done you!"

    I wish I could do a little something here. No-one has ever heard of lupus. They all know what MS is but no-one has ever heard of lupus. If I try and describe it to those that actually want to know they think it's the same as fibro...

    I have never once seen any leaflets, info, posters at the hospital. People think I suffer from a very rare illness, what they call here "une maladie orpeheline" and of course it is far from that and not that rare at all.

    I shall have to write an article I think though that hardly seems enough and I do truly hate writing in French (too much of a perfectionist).

  7. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Oh and WELL DONE to all the others too. I know there have been several posts on this topic and I haven't replied as I don't really feel very involved stuck out on my own here :rotfl:

  8. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Thanks everyone I thought if I could maybe write what Lupus means to us it may just raise awarness. You are right Katherine not a lot of people have heard of Lupus and those who have, don't really have a clue what it can be like. My in-laws try I am sure they think I am swinging the lead sometimes.

    To me lupus is sometimes not even having the energy to stand up, looking well but feeling like death warmed up. Not being able to do the things I used to love doing. Feeling guilty about having to work less hours. Being grumpy and short tempered because I'm so tired and hurt. I am lucky as the condition only appears to be attacking my skin and joints, but there are those who have organ involvement and things must be much worse for them. I may contact my local Lupus UK group and see if they have any information that can help so that I can prepare something for the press.

  9. birdie

    birdie Registered

    I have just sent you a PM if you need anymore information don't hesitate to ask.:)
  10. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Thanks Birdie

    I have replied.. Very helpful thanks so much


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