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Gfr and creitnine levels

Discussion in 'Tests and Procedures' started by Tazzytnt, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Tazzytnt

    Tazzytnt Registered

    hi I just had tests done basically showing my kidneys aren't functioning at 100% my pcp said not to worry because I have no protein in my urine but she has no expreince with lupus I have an appointment with the rhumey soon I will be able to find out more. Has anyone had expreince with this all the research I have done says its stage 2 kidney disease. My gfr was 73 my creatinine was 0.9
  2. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Just a quick note to say that as we age Kidneys do decline naturally anyway... I had function tests before a dye mri a few years ago and I was at 94% which was good but a friend without Lupus had hers checked two years ago (she was 58) and they were 68%. So it isn't definitive on its own if the kidneys aren't at 100% unless the Lupus is affecting them as part of your disease pattern.

    A good question for the Rheumy I agree.:)
  3. Tazzytnt

    Tazzytnt Registered

    I talked to him he didn't seem worried but my issue is that I am 32 and the normal levels are pretty clear, he said he would test it regularly. I am looking it to it more. Thanks for the advice
  4. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Your levels can alter if you were dehydrated or had an infection for example.
  5. Alicake

    Alicake Junior Member

    I dont know about GFR test, but I do know creatine raises as we age. At only 32 I think the .9 is a bit high, but I only browsed one quick read on it... I will say I generally *do not* understand it as I havent read much on it except that they use creatine along with urine tests to get the bigger picture.
    If you're doctor isnt too concerned right now, but is going to keep watch, that sounds good for now. I wouldnt freak out about it. And like Debatat said, things can change it, so maybe its a fluke reading.

    As a small precautionary measure, if your pee starts to get darker and/or very bubbly that doesnt clear from the toilet in 60sec, I'd call him up and schedule an appointment to test your urine.
  6. Tazzytnt

    Tazzytnt Registered

    I am planing to and for a 24 hr urine test to make sure there isn't any protien in my urine, after some research the levels don't sit well with me. Thanks everyone for the advice

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