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Good Rheumatologist in Scotland?

Discussion in 'Find a Lupus Doctor' started by rainne, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. rainne

    rainne Registered

    Wondering if anyone could help me with finding a good rheumatologist in Scotland, preferably Glasgow area and private. I was given one name but when I phoned to book an appointment was told he had just retired. Unfortunately my local rheumie does not seem to have much experience in autoimmune disease. Please pm me if not ok to post name in public.

    Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks!
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Hi, we have a few members in Scotland so I am sure they will be along shortly. Have you tried calling LUPUS UK for a recommendation?
  3. cally

    cally Registered


    Unfortunately I don't know of any consultants in the Glasgow area personally, although I have heard very good things about Dr Asad Zoma who practices privately I believe. I did at one point try to get an appointment with him. I believe he is at the Nuffield. I also saw Dr McCrorie who was in Edinburgh, I also found him to be quite good.

    My doctor is at Ninewells in Dundee (also out of Perth), is fantastic but does no private work.

    If I can do anything else PM me. x
  4. rainne

    rainne Registered

    Thanks for your replies. It was Dr Zoma that I tried too, cally. Reason for private is to try to avoid offending local rheumie and also lifts area restriction. I had looked on LupusUK debatat but the only one in my area is also retired now.x
  5. cally

    cally Registered

    I'm surprised Dr Zoma is no longer practicing.....

    Just one word of caution. If your rheumy is a consultant then there are very very few of them in Scotland so word of interesting patients or patients who swap around consultants gets round very easily. This is not at all to say don't get a second opinion (I have got a second and a third). I told my rheumy why I wanted a second opinion, is this an option for you? As it then means that any findings from your second opinion can be passed across and you can begin the treatment on the NHS?
  6. rainne

    rainne Registered

    Thats what I was told when I phoned to make an appointment with him last year. My rheumy is a consultant physician with an interest in rheumatology but her main interest is not autoimmune disease. I was hoping to see one privately for a discrete opinion if you know what I mean ie not upset the applecart with the local one. I do hear what you're saying and I wouldn't be confident to ask the local rheumy for a second opinion.
  7. cally

    cally Registered

    Is she a consultant rheumatologist? It isn't uncommon for rheumatologists not to specialise in autoimmune issues.
  8. rainne

    rainne Registered

    She is listed as a consultant physician with an interest in rheumatology - I dont know if that's the same?

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