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Good SSDI websites that helped me

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Scarlet Wolf, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. Scarlet Wolf

    Scarlet Wolf Registered

    Hello all, :wave:

    I was asked on chat tonight to post the websites that helped me when I was applying for SSDI two years ago. Hopefully all of these sites are still active as I've not had the time to check them all recently.

    I'm no expert by any means on the subject of disability, but thought you might find some helpful articles below.

    There is a good website called the Social Security Disability Coalition...I no longer post there, but you may find it of value to join, it is free to join and they do have some professionals there at times to answer questions...the web address for this group is:

    Here are the majority of the websites that I found helpful during the disability application process:

    This is a website that has links to lots of useful websites concerning filing for disability:

    This one has more information including some of Soc. Sec. grids that they use to do their determinations:

    Here is another one that has some useful tips that I got from the chronic fatigue website:

    this one is a really good one, it speaks of some of the buzzwords that social security looks for:

    Here is one about how to win your case using affidavits from family, friends, and c0-workers.

    Here is another one that has 5 critical tips for filling out forms:

    Hope this helps, it's a hard process to go through and it's very stressful because it takes months to know if you are approved or denied. I've found that after I was approved, amd even though I'm grateful for it, I'm still upset about not working, I miss my job, my pay, and most of all the social interaction daily.
    Good luck with your application and approval.

  2. raggedyann1

    raggedyann1 Registered


    Thank you so much for the links. I have pinned them so they are always available for members.

  3. Pickles

    Pickles Registered

    Thanks Scarlet,

    I thought I knew a lot of websites. I had never heard of these. Sounds like some good ones. I'll check them out to forward to some of my buddies that are not on this site.

    I talked to a friend yesterday who has been waiting almost 2 years and soc sec told her it would be NEXT August before she could get a hearing. That is rediculous. She almost died last September.'

    I know this will help lots of people here who are still waiting. Karen, thanks for pinning them too.

    :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  4. confused1

    confused1 Registered

    Thank you, Scarlet!! This process is so very daunting and it's wonderful to know somebody has been there first and is marking the trail for the rest of us.

    Thanks again,
  5. maria17

    maria17 Guest

    hi everyone i new here was told i have lupus after being umwell for years applied for disability living allowance and have been refused. finding it hard to cope partner is self employed,had to take on more staff to cover time he helps me so money is tight, is there anything else i can do. thanx :(
  6. :wave: Thanks for the links am new here and this will really come in to good use. I am trying to get on SSDI and this will for sure help.

    :wiggle: Connie
  7. here

    here Guest

    Thanks for the websites. It will take some time to check all of them out.

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